STAKA Launches at Multimodal 2012

Hemel Hempstead based new business, Shipmore Limited, launched a new product called ‘STAKA’ at Multimodal 2012, the transport and logistics industry’s exhibition that was held at the NEC Birmingham – 1st to 3rd May.

STAKA saves money and carbon emissions by safely stacking pallets inside freight vehicles, according to an announcement from Shipmore Limited.  This enables transport operators to ship more goods in existing vehicles and avoid sending vehicles out twice or shipping sub-optimal loads.

With diesel costs hitting £1.57 a litre last week, the need to manage transport costs has become ever more acute. “There is tremendous pressure on transport operators to make the most of their vehicles’ freight capacity” says Shipmore’s founder, Philippa Bell, ”STAKA can really help by improving space efficiency enabling more optimal use of existing vehicles and giving greater payloads.”

The current trend towards ‘Just-in-Time’ deliveries in the manufacturing and retail sectors doesn’t help. What this means in practical terms for the transport industry is that pallets of goods have been getting smaller and delivered more frequently. Pallets are normally shipped on the vehicle deck and not all goods can be stacked. About 50% of all goods shipped are non-stackable and that means loads of empty space above pallets in vehicles. STAKA enables transport operators to use that extra space rather than having to send out vehicles twice – or send out a partially loaded vehicle on an inefficient run.

“The flexible, re-usable nature of our product means that transport operators can equip an entire vehicle with STAKAs to create a complete double-deck, or just one or two pallet spaces depending on the load they’re carrying – enabling a mix of tall and small pallets to be shipped in the same vehicle” says Shipmore’s co-founder, Richard Malczyk.

Safer pallet stacking also means less damage or wastage of goods carried which translates into cost savings via reduced damage and insurance claims. This also means less wasted journeys giving fuel cost savings and reduced overall carbon emissions.

After 18 month’s of product development and six versions using different materials, sizes and configurations, STAKA has finally arrived. It’s safe too – STAKA was tested at Health & Safety Laboratories, part of the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE). They put STAKA through a series of static and dynamic tests under different load conditions to ensure the product was safe to use in typical every-day conditions.

Source: Shipmore

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