SRS launches new half pallet made with recycled pallets

Svenska Retursystem has launched a new half pallet that is manufactured in Sweden from a blend of end-of-life SRS pallets (50%) and virgin resin (50%). This means that the half pallets will have a closed circular material flow, in the same way that the company’s return boxes (RPCs) have enjoyed for many years.

“Our mission is to streamline and environmentally adapt to the grocery industry’s goods flows,” says Martin Torpling, development manager at Svenska Retursystem. “The fact that the company is now launching a pallet that is manufactured in Sweden with a large part of recycled material from the company’s discarded pallets is a major advance for the entire industry, which thus significantly reduces its climate footprint.”

The new half pallet has been developed together with IPG, Intelligent Packaging Group, in Halmstad, Sweden. The pallet is adapted for automatic handling, is stable and can withstand high stress. It does not emit dust or wood chips, which provides a more healthy working environment for anyone who handles it throughout the flow. The half pallet is well suited for exposure in stores and has an estimated lifespan of 150 rotations in the pallet system.

The first pallets were to be sent out to customers during February. Svenska Retursystem will continue to clean out old worn-out half pallets and improve the quality continuously in the pallet pool.

Nyberg’s Deli changes to Helpall gray

SRS also announced that Nyberg’s Deli is now switching to Helpall gray, the company’s full footprint plastic return pallet to improve efficiency and improve its customers.  The company states that Helpall gray can withstand high stress, is friction-proof and works well in a freezing environment. The life expectancy of the pallet is 15 years. It does not emit dust or wood chips, which provides a more healthy working environment for anyone who handles it throughout the flow. Several of the country’s major food producers have already made the switch to Helpall.

Nybergs Deli is a family company that offers a carefully selected range of good and good food that everyone can afford. The company has about 80 employees divided into several productions in the slaughterhouse area south of Stockholm. The company mainly manufactures processed meat products but also has a vegan factory where they produce vegan products made from wheat and soy.

“We work actively to be responsive to the wishes of our customers and our environment,” says Magnus Andersson, Production & Product Flow Manager at Nybergs Deli. “By switching to Helpall gray we get a pallet that improves everyday life for our partners while at the same time it is a much better choice from a sustainability perspective.”

From February, all deliveries from Nyberg’s Deli will take place at Helpall gray. Nybergs Deli estimates that they will use 30,000 full pallets per year. They already ship 1.1 million SRS RPCs per year.

“We are pleased that so many companies see the benefits of our return pallets,” says Cecilia Ratner, Key Account Manager at Svenska Retursystem. “Because Nybergs Deli is switching to Helpall gray, they are getting a climate-smart cargo carrier and give both Nybergs Deli’s own employees and their customers a more healthy work environment.”

Nybergs Deli is Svenska Retursystems first customer who chooses to utilize standardized APIs that integrate with SMART Pooling. This means that Nybergs Deli does not need to register outgoing pallet transactions in SRS customer web, but it is enough that they do so in their own system. With automated APIs, the administration of pallets is simplified and automated.


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