Spice World Renews with CHEP, Cites Productivity Improvement and Decreased Environmental Impact

Spice World, Inc., a leading producer of fresh and ready-to-use garlic, has renewed its contract with CHEP, an industry leader in pallet and container pooling solutions. Spice World transports many of its garlic items on CHEP pallets to supermarkets, club stores, wholesalers and foodservice distributors throughout North America.

Spice World moved to the CHEP pallet pooling program in 2007 to meet customer demands for a high-quality, reliable shipping platform. The grower, processor and shipper has generated several benefits from the switch, including productivity enhancements and a reduction in product damage.

Louis Hymel, Director of Purchasing/Marketing at Spice World, said: “We’ve seen significant improvements in pallet administration since the upgrade of the CHEP reporting system, while the service by CHEP remains consistently strong. They are a great partner, constantly looking for ways to help us improve our operations.”

Hymel said the CHEP program was more environmentally sustainable than the system Spice World used previously, a factor that was increasingly important to the company and its customers.

Based on third-party life-cycle inventory analysis findings, through its use of the CHEP pooling system as compared to non-pooled pallets, each year Spice World is reducing solid waste generation by more than 11,000 pounds, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by about 8,500 pounds and saving more than 230 million British thermal units of electricity.*

CHEP USA Vice President of Sales & Business Development Dan Walsh said: “Spice World is a fast-growing company focused on delivering value to and creating a collaborative partnership with its customers. CHEP is pleased to play a role in enhancing Spice World’s relationships with trading partners while increasing productivity through the supply chain.”

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