Spanish Beer Maker Switches to Recycled Plastic Pallets

Mahou-San Miguel, leader of the Spanish beer market, has developed in collaboration with DW Plastics, an innovative recycled plastic pallet line, according to a Spanish language release. The brewer believes that their use will enable a number of environmental improvements such as reduction of 88% of waste generated by wear and tear due to shock, generating 84% less CO2 and reduce the impact of timber consumption.

The new pallet will be part of the reusable container circuit, being marked and monitored at all times of the chain. The rate of return will exceed 90% with the remainder recycled to manufacture new units. The Group also managed in a sustainable manner their former pool of wooden pallets, which will be reused or recycled.

In addition to environmental benefits, Mahou-San Miguel believes that the new pallets provide benefits that will result in a higher quality service to customers, allowing for greater safety in transport and handling, to be lighter, easily stackable and hygienic, in addition to longer life, projected at about 15 years without maintenance.

All the Mahou-San Miguel reusable boxes and kegs will be distributed in recycled plastic pallets.

The release noted that the selection of recycled plastic pallets reduces petroleum consumption by 80 percent. This helps meet recycling targets made by the EU Directive on packaging and packaging waste.

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