Smart Promotions: CHEP Offers Digital Proximity Marketing Service

CHEP Germany has introduced a new, digital point of sale service POS service called “Smart Promotions,” according to a German language press release. Marketers, manufacturers and food retailers now have access to a proximity marketing tool that can effectively increase sales. Smart Promotions give shoppers in the store individual pointers to sales promotion campaigns such as current offers, eCoupons or sweepstakes that are sent directly to their mobile device. This real-time, personalized service can also be used for product information to build a relationship between brand and shoppers, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.

Digital extension of the POS to the smartphone

This service is made possible by a transmitter based on beacon technology, which is integrated into the CHEP quarter pallet, the most widely used display platform in Germany. Digital content is sent to users via a location-based app. For targeted shopper activation at the POS, the goods, the quarter pallet and the beacon are networked together. For this, the beacon is attached to the pallet and digitally linked to the product. The range thus equipped then  knows which campaign or which product is being promoted through it. As the CHEP quarter pallet is the most widely used platform for POS promotions in Germany, being, widely accepted in the retail sector, Smart Promotions is easy to implement. Additional infrastructure is not necessary and maintenance costs are eliminated.

Via Bluetooth, the beacon can communicate with the smartphone of the shopper. If the shopper approaches a promotion, the contents will be played via an appropriately configured app. Through the beacon, the smartphone knows that the shopper is now in front of the promotion and is about to buy. Linked to a customer loyalty program, additional customer data such as  purchase history can be used to play for the shopper relevant news. These insights into customer behavior in turn help to improve marketing effectiveness not just in the store, but in all marketing cycles.

Increase in sales in the three-digit percentage range

The numbers speak for themselves. Several successful campaigns in the food retail sector have already been carried out, which, in addition to a better shopping experience for shoppers and new customers, also increased sales in the two- to three-digit percentage range. Together with an average 67.5 percent opt-in rate for apps, the participating brands achieved an unprecedented reach.

“With Proximity Marketing, we are completing the service for our customers to optimize the return of investment of campaigns. As the market leader in promotions, CHEP provides the infrastructure needed to enable location-based services in the food retail sector in the first place. Companies do not have to invest in the beacon infrastructure or in their maintenance, “explained Kai Derda, Managing Director of CHEP Deutschland GmbH.

CHEP’s digital POS service “Smart Promotions” is now available on the German market.

Marketers, manufacturers and retailers can use the comprehensive infrastructure of CHEP for the distribution of digital content at the POS. The play is carried out via any app that provides the manufacturer, the dealer or a provider of loyalty programs. The message sent may be any information about the product, a coupon, a direct discount or a link to a video. An additional infrastructure is not necessary.


Source: CHEP Germany