SMART-FLOW ‘’Smart Sleeve Pack’’

Smart-Flow presents its new solution, Smart Sleeve Pack, a foldable plastic pallet box of 1200 x 800 mm. Instead of the traditional pallet box available on the market, the Smart Sleeve Pack offers considerable space saving as it is fully collapsible, optimizing storage and reducing cost of transporting empties. The system consists of 3 elements, all dissociable, including a belt, a cap and a plastic pallet.

The Smart Sleeve Pack offers a simple and fast modular solution, a complete locking system, an optimized storage space, a load weight exceeding 500kg, optimal dimensions (1200x800x850), a personalization with logo / marking, the possibility to add barcode labels or RFID tags. This pallet box is efficient and completely returnable and recyclable. Ideal for transport, handling and storage.

Smart Sleeve Pack offers a considerable space saving as it is completely folding, and optimizes the storage in the warehouse and the carriage without load. Very easy to handle, the assembly and the folding of the pallet box are made in a simple and fast way and, in only few minutes, the operator gets a complete and functional pallet box.


Sleeve Pack and Pallet Pack Vendors

Introduction to Sleeve Pack Shipping Systems

With its new Smart Sleeve Pack, completely reusable and recyclable, Smart-Flow offers a real alternative solution to the American cardboard box, and eliminates the troubles due to the generation of dust or waste management.

Main characteristics: dimensions of 1200 x 800 x 850 mm (height with cover), total weight of 32.5 kg, storage volume of 516 liters, load capacity per unit of 400 kg, maximum stacking load of 1600 kg.

Advantages: fully lockable for perfect rigidity and stability, quick and easy assembly and folding, optimized storage space when folded down, optional metal bars to reinforce the system (storage> 500kg), customizable with logo / marking, barcode or RFID labels.

SmartFlow, manufacturer of plastic pallets, is a Belgian-based company, specialized in the development and production of material handling products for logistic applications. With its headquarters in Mouscron, Belgium, the company  is geographically centrally situated in Europe. Its products are exported in all European countries from Finland to Spain and from England to Romania.

With more then 25 years of experience, SmartFlow offers a complete range of logistics solutions to its customers.

Source: Smart Flow