Automatic Nailer for Extra Long Pallets

The Skute, from Viking Engineering, was designed to meet the needs of one of its long time customers, Rod Scott Pallet & Box in Australia. They needed to automate nailing of a very specific long skid used for transporting extruded aluminum.

With that as a starting point for the design of the Skute, the engineers at Viking set out to solve that problem and create a machine that could be configured to meet a variety of needs.  With up to 10 nailing heads and a working surface measuring 20′ long and 4′ tall (240×48″), the Skute can be configured to automate an almost endless variety of repetitive nailing patterns.

With a “teach mode” integrated into the controls, once a nailing pattern is saved, it can be recalled and used over and over again.

Check out a video of the Skute in action at

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