Sizing Up the Opportunity for Pallet Handling Safety: Automated Pallet Dispenser Handles Custom Sized Pallets

PALLOMAT pallet magazine takes the heavy lifting out of pallet handling, offers ergonomic solution.

Large size, and durable multi-use pallets can weigh a lot, and be an awkward lift for a solo material handler. With this in mind, companies are increasingly looking for ways to take the heavy lifting out of manual pallet handling. PALOMAT reports being able to solve this problem for standard sized EURO pallets as well as for pallets of other sizes.


Safety Risks Associated with Pallet Handling

The most common risks to employees associated with pallet handling are soft tissue injuries associated with pallet weight and geometry, as well as pallets catching on exposed nails, for example, when trying to slide them from a stack. Other potential hazards include cuts and slivers, as well as the noise from dropping pallets.

“A standard Euro pallet weighs around 25 kg or 55 lb depending on whether it is wet or dry,” says Majbritt Svane, Area Manager for PALOMAT. “The PALOMAT pallet magazine is a great solution because pallet handling is easy and user-friendly at floor level, e.g. using a hand pallet truck. The workers are spared from lifting the heavy pallets and this boosts efficiency.”

Sizing Up the Opportunity

While the Euro pallet footprint is still the most common application for PALOMAT, the company notes a trend towards companies moving in the direction of custom-sized pallets to suit their production, logistics and markets.

“The pallet sizes vary quite a bit in the requests we receive,” Svane elaborates. “However, we emphasize our position as an innovative supplier, where safe use of our products has top priority. This is why the PALOMAT pallet magazine was designed for easy adaption to the many different pallet sizes found in the market without compromising safety.”

Case in point, a German dealer for PALOMAT recently received shipment of three pallet magazines produced to handle large 2,600×1,200 mm pallets. For Thomas Lind Gadegaard, product engineer at PALOMAT, the task was easily accomplished.

“The PALOMAT has a modular design – just like LEGO building bricks,” states Gadegaard. “Thanks to our many years of experience in design and manufacture of pallet magazines, it is quite easy to adapt a standard PALOMAT to exactly match the pallet size used by the customer. We can adapt the PALOMAT to handle any type of 4-way pallets.”

Clients making use of custom-adapted pallet handling solutions from PALOMATs include customers like Coca Cola, Siemens, Procter + Gamble and Pepsico.

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Source: Palomat