Should You Buy a New or Used Pallet Truck?

When committing to purchasing a new piece of materials handling equipment such as a pallet truck, one of the most problematic decisions to arrive at can be whether to opt for a new truck or try and find a second hand model that fits the bill, according to Midlands Pallet Trucks.

There are pros and cons to both routes and as pallet trucks play such a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of a busy warehouse or factory space, understanding the ramifications of each potential solution is often time well spent.

For any owner or manager responsible for budgeting, sales and bottom line figures, cost undoubtedly be a primary consideration. For that reason, second hand pallet trucks can seem like an attractive prospect as they will usually be available for less than the original cost of the model. The downside to pallet trucks sourced in this way is that they may be a more expensive option in the long run if the manufacturer warranty has run out due to the age of the equipment.

It is possible to find new budget pallet trucks without having to resort to second hand pieces by contacting a specialist supplier such as Midland Pallet Trucks. With a choice of brands and sizes, the range has been developed to cater for most technical requirements and budgets.

In any piece of industrial equipment, the correct care and maintenance procedures must be rigorously followed and carried out at the manufacturer recommended intervals. When purchasing used pallet trucks, unless from a source known and trusted, it can be difficult to know if the appropriate time and attention has been spent on the equipment upkeep.

For any mechanical piece of equipment, or factory kit used by employees, health and safety is of the utmost importance. As pallet trucks, be they small hand pallet trucks or larger high lift pallet trucks, are used to lift heavy loads precisely as a safer and more efficient option for employees than manual movement of goods, complete trust that the equipment has been well maintained, serviced and checked is essential.

This level of confidence is not always possible with a second hand truck as it is impossible to know how the device has been treated and used previously. A new pallet truck though is a totally known entity, purchased from the supplier in perfect working order and with a clean sheet in terms of maintenance. This allows the owner to be fully appraised of the history of the truck, guaranteeing all safety checks, routine maintenance and necessary replacements of parts are carried out in a timely manner by qualified professionals.

While a second hand pallet truck may seem like an attractive prospect at first glance, it is also important to question whether the equipment will have the most up to date technology and safety features as can be found on newer models. Any piece of equipment over a few years old will likely be missing at least one or two of the new advancements made in pallet truck design and manufacture.

Even simple considerations such as improved material strength or more modern scales on weighing scale pallet trucks can make a huge difference to productivity and usability. Older trucks purchased prior to some new technologies can be a false economy as they will need to be replaced much sooner than a newer model in order for the workplace to continue to run efficiently.

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