Protective Packaging: Shift towards Light-Weight Transport Cases & Boxes Gains Momentum as End-Users Focus on Competitive Product Distribution  

As defined by Future Market Insights, transport cases and boxes are protective solutions designed to prevent damage to critical components and products such as communication systems, sensors, and equipment from impact and harsh weather conditions. Transport cases & boxes are usually made up of plastics and metal. These cases find useful applications in data-driven military operations, are used as a tool case kit, and to store various products which need protective packaging. Transport cases and boxes are impact resistance, waterproof, and can withstand harsh climatic conditions.

transport cases and boxes

Transport cases and box sales are likely to grow at a year-on-year rate of 3% and exceed 9,900 thousand units in 2019. The demand for transport cases and boxes has substantially taken off in tandem with the broader progress in the logistics sector. The overall gains have been further complemented by a notable demand in the packaging of fragile electronic items such as plasma/LED screens, computers, testing equipment, and sound systems.

As per the study, a growing emphasis on safe and protective transportation of goods during transit is a key factor spurring investments in transport cases and boxes market. End-use industries are actively seeking lightweight packaging solutions, resulting in reduced costs of shipping and transportation. In response to the shift in end-user proclivity, manufacturers are incorporating light-weight and durable materials into their products.

“Multiple end-use industries continue to rely on customized transport cases and boxes that are in line with the specifications of the target application. Various methods, such as injection molding and rotational molding, are being used by manufacturers to build product-specific designs with ameliorated reliability- a key essence to boost end-user confidence”, says the study.

Demand for Plastic Transportation Cases & Boxes Surging

The report reveals that transport cases & boxes will continue to gain favor on back of their superior performance as compared to their rigid packaging variants. Sturdy designs along with versatile specifications remain the key USPs fostering popularity of transport cases & boxes.

End-users will continue to show a notable inclination toward low-capacity boxes and cases, on the back of augmented use across a wide range of applications. The study finds that ‘less than 20 kg’ will witness high demand during the course of the forecast timeline, followed by ’20-50’ kg and ’50-100’ kg cases and boxes

The study opines that transport cases and boxes made of plastic remain highly preferred, with global sales likely to cross 7,600 thousand units in 2019. Plastic is lightweight and offers enhanced durability with versatility, which is a key factor demonstrating the high reliability of plastic in the transport cases and boxes market. However, increasing concerns pertaining to the environmental impact of plastics is creating an opportunity for other materials. Military operations continue to be at the forefront of demand, driven by the need for critical protection of military goods during storage and shipping.

Sensing the requirements of different packaging approaches for different transportation modes, key manufacturing companies are working closely with end-users to develop appropriate solutions that are best suited to each use-case. Manufacturers are also taking into account the transport variables and budget particulars of the end-users to develop solutions that boost productivity and work with end-users’ bottom lines.

Gaining benefits via value-based production, such as compartments for special accessories and optimal utilization of interiors, remains a focal point in the manufacturers’ differential strategies. In addition to that, leading companies are making headway by expanding their fabricating abilities and emphasizing on products innovations by introducing custom foam interior packaging solutions for improved end-user experiences.

These insights are based on a report Transportation Boxes and Cases Market by Future Market Insights