SGS Offers Ecodesign Testing/Consulting for ‘Green’ Packaging

SGS Consumer Testing Services is announcing the provision of a broad range of ecodesign testing and consulting services to assist companies with ‘green’ packaging initiatives. The services leverage SGS’s years of package testing experience to help manufacturers and users of product packaging minimize material use and costs, ensure package durability during shipping and handling, reduce landfill volume, and meet other environmental objectives.

Services include extensive lab testing of package prototypes to identify vulnerability to damage in transit and warehousing as well as problems with safety and disposal; ecolabeling recommendations for recycling and material identification; and consulting to optimize package design for both performance and sustainability. Testing in SGS labs makes it possible to simulate conditions and hazard elements that will be encountered during distribution to evaluate the ability of shipping containers, components and unit loads to withstand physical handling in the distribution chain.

In one case, for example, a manufacturer shipping automotive components wanted to replace a one-use shipping package with a reusable shipper. The package testing laboratory in SGS’s flagship facility in the U.S. evaluated four package designs and determined that the three prototypes made from wood and corrugated papers deteriorated quickly and could be used only once. A lightweight plastic design that could be reused at least six times passed all tests and showed no signs of damage, minimizing the company’s production and shipping expenses as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

“Most package testing labs tell you only whether you pass or fail their tests. We offer a one-stop package testing, certification and ecodesign consultancy service that includes recommendations for reducing package waste, rectifying package reliability problems and ensuring low-impact disposal,” said Ke Yang, Ph.D., Technical Sustainability Consultant for SGS Consumer Testing Services in North America. “These services help reduce product and package damage, control package costs, meet regulatory standards, and deliver green packages that stand up to the vibrations and shocks encountered in the course of shipping and handling.”

Six of SGS’s paper/packaging labs, including the company’s flagship North American facility in Fairfield, N.J., are accredited by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), the leading developer of global packaged-product test procedures to ensure package performance. Other third-party certifications include National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC), United Nations/Department of Transportation (UN/DOT) and International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDB) as well as Hazmat, IATA and ICAO.

About SGS Consumer Testing Services

SGS Consumer Testing Services, a division of the SGS Group, is the world’s leading verification, testing and certification company. The company’s comprehensive testing, product inspection, process assessment and technical services cover the entire supply chain from product development to retailing for electrical products, wireless products, soft line products, hard line products and food products. SGS’ global network and expertise provide a single consolidated source that can help manufacturers, suppliers and retailers reduce risk, improve efficiency and product quality, and ensure compliance to both national and international standards. Parent company SGS Group has more than 59,000 employees and over 1,000 offices and laboratories in 143 countries. For more information about SGS Consumer Testing Services, visit

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