SensorLogic Announces Platform-as-a-Service Asset Tracking White Paper

Speed to Business Value with SensorLogic Cirrus™

For businesses needing to accelerate the building and deployment of a powerful asset tracking and monitoring solution in just days, rather than months, SensorLogic has launched new enhancements to its Cirrus Platform-as-a-Service, plus the addition of new Cirrus Apps, to accelerate the building, deploying and managing of asset tracking applications. Learn how to build, deploy and manage the smart way, creating immediate return-on-investment with asset tracking applications that drive efficient business processes.

In the SensorLogic White Paper, you’ll learn:

  • The advantages of using a true Platform-as-a-Service for fast deployment.
  • The latest innovations in Cirrus, including pre-built Widgets and comprehensive support of Web Services APIs, to rapidly build, deploy and integrate robust asset tracking and enterprise applications, while maintaining control specific to your business.
  • The details on how a PaaS platform for asset tracking provides flexible and extensible building blocks for application functionality; business logic and event management; and multiple device and carrier management and support.

Never start from scratch again. Build smart. Deploy in days and realize immediate ROI. All in one Platform. All in Cirrus. Download the white paper right now or talk to one of our Asset Visibility experts.

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