SEMI-STAAL to deliver a high capacity pallet washing system in 2011 to SWISSLOG, Danish Crown

Earlier this month we reported on Semi-Staal’s crate washing installation for a fish plant. Now it will provide a pallet washing system for one of the largest dairy projects in Scandinavia. With SWISSLOG the project leader, SEMI-STAAL is to deliver a full automatic pallet washing system for 200 pallets/ hour. The system will be integrated into SWISSLOG’s conveyoring system. SEMI-STAAL’s pallet washing system consists of:

– Interface with SWISSLOG’s conveyors where SEMI-STAAL elevates pallets from height 500mm to 1.300mm by means of an elevator
– One section pallet washing system with integrated brushing of pallets
– Drying system
– Elevator system to bring pallets from height 1.300mm to 500mm and subsequent interface with SWISSLOG’s conveyors

The pallet washer is equipped with a plate heating system for heating the lye water. This heating system is the most heat efficient system which SEMI-STAAL applies whenever possible.

SEMI-STAAL also announced that it will supply a 3,000 crate/ hour washing and drying plant for Danish Crown in Germany. The installation is scheduled for summer 2011. The double lane washing machine consists of a: pre-rinse section, lye section, hot rinse section, high pressure label removal section and a final disinfection rinse. Each of the four sections is equipped with 4 automatic belt filters and tube filters to guarantee high performance filtration. Based on hygienic machine design, machine reliability and accessibility and proved track record within Danish Crown organization SEMI-STAAL was awarded the contract.

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