SEMI-STAAL Announces Reusable Crate Washing Installations

SEMI-STAAL, a European market leader and pioneer in industrial cleaning and logistic handling systems for returnable packaging, has announced two new contracts.

It has won a contract with a leading Swedish player in the fish industry for a complex automatic crate washing and handling system for 1,000 crates/ pallets hour.

The installation includes the following functions: destacking, turning, soaking up tunnel, 4 stage washing system with high pressure section, turning and stacking and accumulation system. The system is fully automatic and is able to handle 10 different crates. In this installation, SEMI-STAAL is deploying a new effective heating system with minimal energy loss.

SEMI-STAAL is also in the process of installing a full automatic system for destacking, emptying, washing and drying 4.000 crates/ hour at one of the largest dairy plants in Sweden.

The installation is considered state-of-the-art in terms of: low noise levels, water consumption, hygenic machine design, safety and space utilization.

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