Sealed Edge Reusable Dunnage for Automotive Parts Increases Worker Safety

New technology offers smooth rounded edge for plastic corrugated sheet used in returnable containers, improving ergonomics.

Sealed Edge DunnageA new sealed edge technology that provides a better alternative to using a stitched top edge or folded over design on the edges of plastic corrugated sheets used for divider sets that hold automotive parts has been launched by ORBIS Corporation. The process creates a less sharp, rounded edge which ultimately delivers better safety for both worker and product.

“The safety, comfort and efficiency of workers is an important concern in today’s fast-paced automotive assembly operations,” says Adam Glorioso, ORBIS product manager. “We [ORBIS] take this concern seriously and recognize that ergonomic packaging can drive many of these benefits.”

ORBIS sealed edge dunnage is custom designed with an emphasis on durability and the assurance that it will promote efficiency in assembly manufacturing environments. Additional benefits include:

  • Creates a smooth, rounded edge for better ergomonics.
  • Available on 3.5mm – 6mm sheets.
  • Seals across or along the flutes.
  • Ideal for StakPak, BulkPak® and Maximus™ container divider sets

The long term implementation of ORBIS sealed edge dunnage promotes inventory control by maintaining consistent quantities in each container. Adding ORBIS sealed edge to dunnage facilitates lineside efficiency by providing safer and more dependable removal and handling of parts.

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