Scott Pallets Plants Achieve Pallet Drying Accreditation

Karen HunterScott Pallets has achieved accreditation for its pallet drying practices through the Timber Pallet and Packaging Confederation (TIMCON) with respect to  ‘Dry Pallet: Process Standard for Timber Pallets.’

The Burntisland and Huntington sites of Scott Pallets have been awarded the accreditation after meeting requirements for completing the necessary data collection. One additional Scott Pallets site is also working towards accreditation. This followed an extensive research project carried out by the Forest Products Research Institute of Napier University on behalf of TIMCON. Dr. Ivor Davies, who led the project, explored the issue of minimising biological discolouration of timber pallets during the course of their production, distribution and delivery.

“We are delighted to have achieved such a prestigious accreditation from the Timber Pallet and Packaging Confederation across our two sites and we are pleased to be at the forefront of quality standards throughout our international community,” comments Karen Hunter of Scott Pallets.

“We pride ourselves on our high standards and the quality of our products but now we are able to guarantee our pallets, which will mean we can meet all customer expectations and moisture target requirements,” she continues..”The new standard is an industry first. We are changing global standards and to be able to say we are one of the first with this accreditation continues to ensure we are leaders within the industry.

“We are always innovating and looking at how we can improve, and I think this certification goes to show that we are again helping lead the way.”

Scott Pallets is a member of the Scott Group.

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