Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tapes from 3M Give Packagers the Confidence to Use Just One Strip

Today’s packaging engineers know all too well that the recycled content of corrugated boxes varies widely. And while using recycled fibers is an environmentally sound practice, uncertainty about a box’s makeup can pose challenges, particularly when it comes to selecting a tape to seal the box. Fortunately, Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Tapes are specifically designed for these uncertain conditions, and offer outstanding performance on a wide range of short fibers.

3M Scotch Recycled Corrugate Tapes use a proprietary adhesive designed specifically for recycled corrugate cartons, and are tackier than conventional box sealing tapes. While some companies attempt to compensate for a poorly performing tape by using wider widths or multiple strips, 3M’s tapes give packagers the confidence to use just one strip on a box, whether sealing by hand or machine. The tapes deliver super sticky strength even on boxes with 100 percent recycled content, helping customers efficiently apply just one strip to realize a lower total application cost.

In addition to their reliable performance on a range of corrugated boxes, 3M tapes also hold up to the broad variety of shipping conditions that customers face today. The increasing popularity of same-day delivery services means more single shipments are being sent, as opposed to more secure palletized orders. Tapes also need to perform across a range of climates, from a cold food and beverage plant to a hot delivery truck. 3M Scotch Recycled Corrugate Tapes deliver reliable performance whether boxes are palletized or shipped alone, and across a wide range of temperatures.

“Companies don’t want to worry about something as basic as whether a tape will stick, especially when they ship thousands of boxes a day,” said Brian Kenady, US Marketing Manager. “3M Scotch Tapes give our customers the confidence to know their boxes will stay shut through the entire shipping lifecycle.”

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