SchoellerArca Systems Introduces New Bulk Container Products

SchoellerArca Systems (SAS), a global leader in reusable plastic containers and pallets, is introducing two new lines of collapsible large containers. Both product lines provide end-users with the economic, environmental, and ergonomic benefits that have come to expect from SAS.

The new Combo Life 315 NG represents SchoellerArca’s re-entry into the North American Intermediate Bulk Container market for liquid and semi-liquid products. The CL 315 NG builds upon the legacy of SAS’ Combo Life containers by improving forklift access, container capacity and construction, and return ratios. Moreover, an expanded list of container options allows end-users to customize the container to their specific operation and needs. Those options include front wall sight glasses, a hinged lid, and tamper evident seals. The 48”x44”x46” container can hold up to 3300 lbs. and folds to a height of just over 12” delivering a best-in-class 4 to 1 return ration.

The new Magnum Optimum line of bulk containers is a modular system built upon a 47”x 39” base which can be outfitted with a variety of feet and skid combinations. Four different, yet compatible, walls are available. Wall heights range from 30” to 39” and are ribbed or smooth with traditional folding access doors or a unique new sliding door that drops into the wall. Compared to previous collapsible large containers, the Magnum Optimum system is lighter, yet more durable, with an improved return ratio generated by its short 13” collapsed height. Interior accessories include trays, textile inserts and shelves to improve the functionality of the container for end-users.

“We’re excited to be back in the reusable bulk container market with improvements that marry our many years of container engineering expertise with end-user input” said SchoellerArca’s Walt Tullis, VP Sales & Marketing for the America’s. “While we believe in the environmental benefits of reusable plastic packaging, we are keenly aware that it must also deliver cost and handling benefits as well. We’re confident that our new Combo Life IBC and the new Magnum Optimum containers are better solutions that do indeed deliver better returns.”

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