SCHOELLER ALLIBERT: Style meets innovation with the Schoeller Allibert beer crates at DRINKTEC 2017

Schoeller Allibert, the European market leader of reusable plastic packaging and containers, marked the beer crate landscape with its stylish and innovative beer crates conceived for BECK’S, JUPILER and KROMBACHER. Schoeller Allibert will be at DRINKTEC 2017 exhibition, in München, Germany from September 11th to 15th, 2017.


Since 1960, Schoeller Allibert has always been a pioneer in the beverage industry supply chain, innovating in packaging solutions, developing strong and attractive crates that stand out of the crowd. The latest customized beer crates for JUPILER and BECK’S are proof of this constant search for the perfect combination of style and innovation while meeting all the other expectations in terms of sustainability, logistic and cost-efficiency.

Used as shelf ready packaging in many countries in Northern and Eastern Europe, beer, soda and water crates are marketing tools aimed at increasing brand awareness and attracting customers while shopping. Of primary consideration, all bottle crates must be logistics packaging, offering both maximum protection to glass bottles and ease of handling to operators, robots, and customers.

As the market leader, Schoeller Allibert’s dedication to offering customized products which perfectly fit the customer’s brand values and identity is an important part of the work. The various international brands choosing Schoeller Allibert confirms the success in this challenge while keeping up with all the expectations in terms of cost, quality, performance and sustainability.


For more than 20 years Schoeller Allibert has used IML technology and surface structures in beverage crates to enhance marketing efficiency by featuring the image of each brand. Since the 2000’s some in-mold labels started reproducing a wood-grain effect. But it’s only recently that the two technologies have been harnessed to produce a perfect combination.

While the usual glossy finish of IML is not in line with the used wooden aspect in products such as Krombacher’s request (Vintage beer crate for Krombacher, pictured in this article), the new Schoeller Allibert unique matt surface IML, for the first time ever, achieved a matt finish and relief touch on the crate surface.

Last but not least, the new Schoeller Allibert IML film has improved its recycling capacities more than any other existing solution on the market, allowing Breweries such as Krombacher to enjoy a unique look and feel of their brand new, but old traditional wood-effect beer crates.


Schoeller Allibert’s Vintage beer crate for Krombacher won an award in the category “storage and transport system” at the Pro-K Award because it’s the first time that a plastic beer crate looked so strikingly close to a traditional wood beer crate. The Pro-K Award is a unique competition recognizing plastic quality. This product has been awarded not only for its design which gave the illusion of a wood crate with all the details provided thanks to the IML technology; but also for its sustainability. Schoeller Allibert achieved to have a laminated in-mold labeling and to process it in the box, which can be then re-processed without problem in many recycling cycles.

Source: Schoeller Allibert.