Schoeller Allibert Introduces Site Survey Service

Leading plastic reusable transit packaging supplier Schoeller Allibert is now offering their UK customers the opportunity to save time, money and reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chain through a unique new site survey.

Based on a full review of a customer’s supply chain from inbound supply, warehousing and on-site handling, to vehicle fill and outbound supply, the Schoeller Allibert site survey can be tailored to individual specifications in order to meet cost saving, carbon reduction and health and safety targets, among others.

“The site survey has been implemented to bring together the tools and services we offer to customers in one convenient package,” explains Simon Knights, Schoeller Allibert’s Regional Sales Director for the UK. “Customers can opt for a full audit or pick and choose the most relevant elements to optimize their supply chain and achieve important carbon footprint and cost saving targets.”

Utilizing existing tools developed by Schoeller Allibert including the cardboard vs RTP payback and vehicle fill calculators alongside the expertise of the account management team, the site survey analyses inbound, onsite and outbound logistics and handling, including manual and automated processes and equipment, to achieve six key goals:

  • reducing packaging costs by replacing single-trip products with RTP;
  • maximizing vehicle fill to reduce trips;
  • improving health and safety through correct handling;
  • saving time and space on site;
  • protecting products from damage and theft;
  • and reducing carbon footprint.

Simon adds: “The initial audit will allow us to recommend the most appropriate solution for each individual customer. We’re not just an RTP manufacturer – our services cover all aspects of supply chain from the design of bespoke RTP products, to maintenance and crate washing, right through to buy-back and recycling, and the site survey aptly demonstrates our 360º full service offer.”

Schoeller Allibert customers interested in a tailored site survey should contact their account manager for further details.

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