SCHOELLER ALLIBERT: expert of the Fresh Produce market


Schoeller Allibert, the reusable packaging systems specialist, is a leader of the Fresh Produce market. Ludo Gielen, Chief Innovation Officer, explains why Schoeller Allibert is so attached to this market.



You have a long history with Fresh Fruit & Vegetables market. What does this market mean for you?

LG: The fresh fruit and vegetables market is one we know very well. Since 1971, we have been developing standard and custom RTP (reusable transport packaging) solutions to protect fruit & vegetables from harvesting to retail store shelves.

The European market (50 millions of tons) is very dynamic and should continue to grow in the years to come. Our R&D service has always successfully anticipated these evolutions, such as the significant growth in the organic food market; a market that is very keen on our reusable packaging. Today, we are one of the market leaders.

What types of product do you make?

Ludo Gielen

Ludo Gielen

LG: We have a mid-range category of food & agriculture packaging, suitable for all types of fruits & vegetables. For instance, we have designed a new harvest crate for stone fruits with a wave shape base that protects fragile fruit, or also foldable large containers with larger volumes to improve storage.

Are there new products?

LG: Our brand new product this year is the MaxiLog®. It’s a large high-performance box, specially developed for the Food & Agriculture market. We also recently talked about the AgriLog®, which was previewed at the Fruit Logistica fair, in Berlin. This a very sophisticated product developed for fragile fresh products. Its base features a pyramidal structure designed to reduce shocks while harvesting and facilitate a balanced distribution of products in the box. Its weight/volume ratio is one of the best on the market. It can contain up to 500kg of goods thanks to an innovative design based on the finite element method that determines the distortion behaviour of complex objects in movement. Although very light, it can support a 4,500 kg static load. Well-ventilated, it allows the fruits & vegetables to stay fresh during transport or storage.

Why choose Schoeller Allibert packaging solutions for fruits & vegetables?

LGL Our strength lies on the expert advice and quality of our Innovation department. We are capable of anticipating the clients’ needs, such as traceability, using several different systems, included RFID tags, private label product personalisation, and, of course, the fact that we were the first to propose such a large range of reusable pallets & crates. I am particularly proud of our collaboration with the British group M Leggate & Sons (Cabbage specialist) in 2015. After a long study period, they decided to replace all their wooden crates with our famous Maxinest® range. Our packaging proved to be more efficient in terms of hygiene, durability, and security and in total compliance with the British Retail Consortium standards of use. Their models are produced in their colours and bear their logo and the company made savings as of the very first year of our collaboration.

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