Schoeller Allibert Adds Magnum Smooth Wall to Its Folding Large Container Line

Reusable packaging: Schoeller Allibert adds smooth walled option to its range of folding large containers (FLCs)

The Magnum Smooth Wall can be configured with enhanced ventilation.

The Magnum Smooth Wall can be configured with enhanced ventilation.

Schoeller Allibert, a world leader in plastic reusable transit packaging (RTP), has introduced Magnum Smooth Wall to its line of folding large containers.  Offering exceptional strength in a compact size, Magnum Smooth Wall has been added to the range of folding large containers (FLCs) from Schoeller Allibert, .

Available in three heights and with a carrying capacity of up to 700Kg, the compact 800 x 600mm Smooth Wall features a drop-door to allow easy access for manual filling or unloading, even when stacked.  The company states that the Magnum Smooth Wall offers exceptional strength in a compact form.

“An alternative to both 600x400mm crates as well as one-way containers, Magnum Smooth Wall provides the shock absorption and protection required to protect a wide range of products from transit damage, as well as easy handling and increased supply chain efficiency,” says Simon Knights, Schoeller Allibert’s regional sales director for the UK and Ireland. “As a compact alternative to our well-known Maxipac range, Smooth Wall can also be configured with enhanced ventilation which is crucial to the fresh produce industry.”

Shock-absorbing sides protect contents from damage which, combined with its compact size, makes Smooth Wall ideal for many supply chain operations including just-in-time distribution of delicate parts and components as well as retail delivery to point of sale. Smooth, hygienic surfaces ensure Smooth Wall meets the high standards of hygiene required by the food and pharmaceutical industries and is also available with ventilated sides.  By encouraging air flow, the enhanced ventilation speeds up cooling in chillers and preserves the quality of fresh produce.

Compatible with all types of handling equipment, Magnum Smooth Wall folds down to just 292mm – saving space on the return journey which can cut down on the number of trips and reduce both costs and emissions.

“Available on a two-runner pallet base or with wheels, customers can select the option best suited to their needs and handling equipment, and can also opt for a lidded version,” Knights adds. “All the components of the container are easily replaceable, allowing for straightforward repairs in the case of any damage, while at the end of its life each Magnum Smooth Wall is 100 per cent recyclable, helping customers meet environmental targets for transit packaging.”

Employing 1,800 people and with an annual turnover of €514m in 2012, Schoeller Allibert is now the world’s largest manufacturer of reusable plastic packaging for materials handling.  Headquartered in the Netherlands, it has more than 40 production and sales operations in nearly all European countries, the American continent and Asia.  The product range includes foldable large and small containers, bulk containers, plastic pallets, stackable and nesting crates as well as dollies and lids.  The range includes the iconic Maxinest tray, Maxipac bulk unit and the Magnum Optimum.  In addition, Schoeller Allibert also offers tailor made systems for specific customers and industries.

LINPAC Allibert and Schoeller Arca Systems (SAS) joined together under one name, rebranded as Schoeller Allibert, in January 2013, following the acquisition of LINPAC Allibert by controlling SAS stakeholder One Equity Partners (OEP).

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