Schaefer Systems Announces a Breakthrough Product for Global Logistics

New bulk container footprint designed to optimize utilization in sea containers as well as 53′ tractor trailers.


Schaefer Systems’ Packaging Systems Division unveiled the newest addition to their bulk container family – GlobalStac™ – at this year’s PACK EXPO International tradeshow. Whether shipping by land or sea, the new GlobalStac™ bulk container offers an innovative 1195 x 990mm footprint with 95% cube utilization in both a 40’ sea container and a 53’ tractor trailer.

During a presentation at PACK EXPO, Dave McCulloch, CEO of the Packaging Systems Division, explained that when conducting a market analysis of containers on the market around the globe, some exhibited good cube utilization for a 40’ sea container while others exhibited good cube utilization for a 53’ trailer. They found that no containers optimized both.

“We wanted to develop a solution that could be used for all applications. One container. One SKU. That was the goal.” McCulloch stated. The GlobalStac™ features a 33” (844mm) height option resulting in 256 containers when collapsed in a 53’ trailer or 176 containers in a 40’ sea container. Six other heights are available to meet user requirements.

In addition to maximizing cube utilization, GlobalStac™ is a returnable, reusable packaging solution offering environmental benefits to adapt to your sustainability policies, while reducing your annual packaging budget.

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