S.M. Jones Extends Contract with CHEP

S.M. Jones, a leading grower/shipper of corn, has extended of its contract with CHEP . S.M. Jones uses CHEP pallets to transport its sweetcorn from processing facilities in Homestead and Belle Glade, FL to supermarkets, wholesale clubs and distributors across the USA.

Before deploying the CHEP pallet pooling program in 1996, S.M. Jones predominantly used pallets that were low quality and frequently were not durable enough to handle the company’s handling and shipping processes. The produce marketer also experienced reliability and productivity issues that needed to be addressed.

S.M. Jones General Manager, Allen Daniels, said: “We put our shipping platforms through some tough environments, like the hydro cooler, and CHEP pallets are the only pallets that can handle it. We very rarely have a problem with them, so we can concentrate our efforts on growing corn and getting it to market. And if there ever is a problem, we know the CHEP team will address it quickly and professionally.”

Daniels said S.M. Jones was pleased with the environmental sustainability benefits of using the CHEP program. Based on third-party life-cycle inventory analysis findings, through its use of the CHEP pooling system compared with alternative pallets, each year S.M. Jones Farms is reducing solid waste generation by more than 8,400 pounds and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by about 6,400 pounds. The company is also saving more than 180 million British thermal units of energy, based on life-cycle inventory analysis of CHEP USA pallet pooling program conducted by Franklin Associates. The calculation is based on Franklin Associates, Solid Waste Analysis And Life-Cycle Inventory Of Pallet Systems, 2009 Update.

CHEP USA Senior Vice President & Chief Customer Officer, Brian Malloy, said: “S.M. Jones works hard to ensure its product arrives at the client destination in the most effective manner possible and without any damage. CHEP is honored to assist in that process. We are committed to continually improving the process for the benefits of the entire produce supply chain.”

Founded in 1934, S.M. Jones grows yellow, white and bi-color corn on more than 1,000 acres in Homestead and Belle Glade, Florida and sells through supermarkets and wholesalers across the United States. The company employs 34 people in season and is Primus certified for food safety practices.

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