RTP Adds Value to UK Grocery Supply Chain

Over the past two decades, returnable transit packaging (RTP) has become a familiar feature in supermarkets across the UK. With more than 18 million Maxinest® trays sold in the past two and half years, it now comes in 20 different varieties and represents a core part of produce merchandising for all the major supermarket chains. Its success means that typically you will see Maxinest® merchandising between 80 and 90 per cent of grocery produce in store.

A recent study with one supermarket chain showed how LINPAC Allibert bread trays helped to achieve replenishment of stock 10 times more quickly than previously leading to an increase in sales of 17 per cent. From an aesthetic point of view the trays can be arranged in neat rows giving aisles a clean, crisp outlook and offer better display utilisation, meaning products can be seen and selected easily, which is valued by customers and a boon for sales. Read more at the Grocery Trader.

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