RPP Containers recycled 1.6 million pounds of bulk container plastic in 2019

Reusable bulk plastic container supplier continues its commitment to environmental sustainability.

CINCINNATI  –  RPP Containers® a leading custom manufacturer, stocking distributor, and recycler of reusable plastic bulk containers used by a wide range of industrial and commercial customers, continues to strengthen its commitment to keep plastic bulk containers out of landfills.

“Since the company’s founding in 1998, RPP Containers’ commitment to environmental sustainability has grown over the years,” said Scott DeNoma, co-founder and chairman of RPP Containers.  “In 2019, RPP Containers recycled around 31,000 pounds of bulk container plastic per week, which amounts to 1.6 million pounds for the year.  And, to continue our efforts to help preserve the environment, we anticipate an increase in the amount of plastic we recycle in 2020.”

To prevent plastic bulk containers from becoming solid waste in landfills, RPP Containers buys damaged and out-of-use containers, from customers, and recycles them in two ways.  Containers that are damaged, but repairable, are refurbished into usable containers and sold under the RefurBest® brand.  Containers too damaged to be refurbished are ground up, and a portion of the plastic regrind is used in the manufacturing of premium new containers and sold under the DuraGreen™ brand.

“Essentially, you could say that we are selling and recycling plastic bulk containers that have a life cycle that never ends, “said DeNoma. “Our containers can be reused for years, and can also be recycled at the end of their useful life, which not only contributes to environmental sustainability, but also helps our company grow and provide new jobs.”

In July 2019, RPP Containers for improved efficiencies and to lay a foundation for future growth, consolidated its operations into a new 123,000 sq. ft. headquarters facility, located in a revitalized area of Cincinnati, OH.

RPP Containers consolidated its operations at its new headquarters facility in 2019.

RPP Containers®, Delivering the Best in Bulk™, is a leading custom manufacturer, stocking distributor, and recycler of reusable plastic bulk containers. RPP’s leading bulk container brand names are: DuraGreen® premium bulk containers, RefurBest® refurbished bulk containers, and CustomBulk® customized bulk containers. In addition, Bulk Container Express® is RPP’s 24/7 online catalog. To learn more, visit www.rppcontainers.com or call 513-489-2244.


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