RPP Containers Introduces New DuraGreen Plastic Gaylord Built to Handle the Pressure of Flowable Materials

RPP-static-DuraGreen-Plastic-Gaylord (1)

RPP Containers®, a leading manufacturer, stocking distributor, and recycler of plastic collapsible bulk containers, has introduced the new DuraGreen® Plastic Gaylord, a heavy-duty, steel-reinforced, reusable plastic bulk container built to handle the pressure of flowable materials.

Since the 1940s, manufacturers have commonly used the gaylord – a corrugated bulk box mounted on a wood pallet – for shipping and storing large quantities of products. But with the advent of the reusable plastic bulk container in the mid-1980s, and its benefits of packaging cost-savings, material handling efficiencies, and environmental sustainability, the expendable corrugated gaylord was largely replaced in durable goods manufacturing.

However, manufacturers that worked with flowable materials, such as resins, powders, granulated materials, liquids, and semi-liquids, unfortunately discovered that the reusable plastic bulk container was not a viable solution; it could not withstand the heavy pressure generated by flowable materials during storage and transit. Now, with RPP’s introduction of the DuraGreen Plastic Gaylord, there is a reusable plastic bulk container that can handle the pressure of flowable materials and provide many cost-savings benefits not possible with a corrugated gaylord.

James Bartlett, RPP Container’s vice-president of operations, says, “Manufacturers will find the heavy-duty design of our new FDA-approved DuraGreen Plastic Gaylord, with steel-reinforced walls and base, is far superior to the corrugated gaylord. Not only does it solve the flowable pressure problem, but its outstanding performance provides packaging cost savings, improved space utilization, product protection, worker safety, and environmental sustainability.”

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