RPP Containers® Introduces New, Heavy Duty DuraGreen® Collapsible Bulk Containers

RPP Containers, a Cincinnati-based leading manufacturer, stocking distributor and recycler of reusable plastic bulk containers, has introduced a new line of heavy duty DuraGreen® collapsible bulk containers in the 45×48 footprint. The popular collapsible containers, made from premium recycled plastic, are now available in a heavy duty construction that provides greater load capacity and increased durability for longer container life.

DuraGreen reusable bulk containerScott DeNoma, president of RPP Containers, said, “Our new, tough DuraGreen containers offer the same advantages as the higher-priced premium brands: they’re stackable, nestable, easy-to-assemble, and knock down. However, it’s this premium construction, combined with competitive pricing, and readily available inventory that make DuraGreen containers the best value in the marketplace today.”

Currently, the 45×48 footprint is available in three heights: 34”, 42” and 50”; they are ideal for handling a wide range of heavy duty material handling and storage applications.

DuraGreen containers meet today’s budget requirements and satisfy corporate environmental sustainability commitments because of their premium recycled plastic content and green product classification.

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