RPA to Present Reusable Packaging Forum at MODEX 2016

In partnership with MHI, the Reusable Packaging Forum at MODEX examines market trends and industry issues impacting reusable packaging in the supply chain. The Forum provides a lineup of speakers who present views on reusable packaging opportunities and share perspectives on current topics of interest to the industry. The Forum offers an in-depth discussion of particular subject matters that are timely and useful for RPA members and MODEX show attendees.

“In brief,” explains Tim Debus, RPA President, “the Reusables Learning Center at PACK EXPO showcases reusable packaging product innovations and industry-leading services; in contrast, the Forum at MODEX/PROMAT raises awareness on reusable packaging markets and industry issues. So RPA is product focused at PACK EXPO, and market focused at MODEX/PROMAT. The Learning Center at PACK EXPO also hosts RPA’s Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award, which celebrates specific innovative product applications.”

RPA’s new Forum concept explores market conditions and real-world applications for reusable packaging systems. This approach provides a spotlight on particular market sectors and highlight trends and developments that impact reuse in the unique market environments. This year, RPA will take a close look at the industry sectors of municipal waste management and healthcare.

The Forum also brings awareness to critical industry issues impacting the use of reusable products and services, with this year focusing on the topic of asset management. Technology will be a primary subject as innovations are improving the tools for the efficient management of reusable assets and visibility into supply chains. The opportunity for industry collaboration around asset management is another area of discussion.

The Reusable Packaging Forum will take place on Monday and Tuesday, April 4 and 5, in Theater I on the trade show floor at MODEX at the Georgia World Congress Center. All MODEX attendees can attend the Forum and learn valuable information about reusable packaging.

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