RPA Adds Members, Sells Out Reusable Packaging Pavilion

The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) has added two new member companies, resulting in a sold out RPA Reusable Packaging Pavilion at the upcoming PACK EXPO. Total new members for the year now totaling 11.

The two additions are CABKA North America of St. Louis, MO, and Quick-Crate of Greenville, SC. Both will exhibit in the sold out RPA Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO in Las Vegas which will bring together 21 suppliers of services and solutions for reusable packaging within a 5,000 square foot pavilion.

“Our growing membership and the early sell out of our pavilion reaffirm that the RPA is truly the collective voice of our industry, and that we deliver strong value for our members,” said RPA President, Jerry Welcome.

CABKA has specialized its production program in plastic products of recycled material for more than 30 years. CABKA has 250 employees worldwide and produces lightweight one-way pallets, durable multi-use pallets, anti-static pallets and more: CABKA offers its CPP plastic pallets in many sizes and with various load capacities. Amnon Shalman, CEO, will serve as the RPA Executive Representative. Heike Ramon, Marketing Manager, will be the Alternate Representative.

Quick-Crate® represents a new generation of collapsible, stackable shipping crate systems, with features not found in other wooden crate systems. Quick Crates are engineered from plywood for phenomenal strength and product protection. Fraser League, President/CEO, will serve as the RPA Executive Representative, and George League as the Alternate Representative.

The Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO Las Vegas will include the following RPA member companies:
Anwood Logistics Systems Co, Ltd. (Booth #6060)
Buckhorn Inc. (Booth #5752)
CABKA North America (Booth #5751)
Container and Pooling Solutions Inc. (CAPS) (Booth #5750)
Coroplast Inc. (Booth #5952)
CHEP (Booth #5749)
CTC Technologies (Booth #5950)
Fitzmark, Inc. (Booth #6063)
IFCO Systems (Booth #5845)
iGPS (Booth #6065)
The Kennedy Group (Booth #5745)
Lomold USA LLC (Booth #5652)
Millwood Incorporated (Booth #5850)
Monoflo International Inc. (Booth #5852)
ORBIS Corporation (Booth #5649)
Polymer Logistics (Booth #5945)
Polymer Solutions International (Booth #5951)
Quick-Crate (Booth 5946)
Rehrig Pacific (Booth #5502)
Schoeller Arca Systems Inc. (Booth #5848)
Trienda (Booth #5948)

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