Rousseau Farming Sees Superior Pallet Quality and Greater Customer Value with CHEP Program

Rousseau Farming Company, a leading grower and shipper of vegetables, onions and watermelons from Arizona, has announced the signing of a new multi-year contract with CHEP, an industry leader in pallet and container pooling solutions. Rousseau Farming transports its Rousseau(R) and Pacific(R) brand produce from its 10,000-acre farm in Phoenix, Arizona to supermarkets, wholesalers and club stores across the USA on CHEP pallets.

Rousseau Farming converted from a pallet exchange system to the CHEP pooling program several years ago to meet customer demands for a high-quality, reliable shipping platform. The company is experiencing several benefits from the move, including lower costs, productivity improvements and a reduction in product damage.

Brett Hunt, Chief Administrative Officer at Rousseau Farming Company, said, “We support the CHEP program because they provide us with consistently high performing pallets that look great throughout the trip to the retail store, and because of their reputation for best-of-class customer service. We also like how the CHEP PORTFOLIO+PLUS system makes it so easy for our team members to manage and administer the program.”

CHEP USA Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Operations Mike Pooley said, “Rousseau Farming Company was initially attracted to the CHEP program at the urging of retail and wholesale customers, and has found a myriad of cost and productivity benefits from our pallets. We are committed to ensuring those benefits continue to reduce their costs and boost productivity for Rousseau Farming and their trading partners.”

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