Roundup: FreshSurety Announces “IoT Breakthrough” for Produce Tracking,Smart Pallets Invests in Spanish Factory

FreshSurety Announces Breakthrough Internet-of-Things Technology at United FreshTEC Expo 2017


FreshSurety Corporation has announced a new technology trial of its breakthrough AssuredFreshness reporting service at the United Fresh Show in Chicago.

“The produce business loses 30% of its product from farm to table – a multibillion dollar problem,” said Tom Schultz, FreshSurety CEO.  “Much of this loss is driven by lack of reliable freshness information throughout the cold chain.  No one knows the remaining shelf life of individual fresh produce cases or pallets.”

FreshSurety solves this challenge by reporting produce shelf life anywhere in the world for a few cents per case.  The AssuredFreshness system uses low cost, disposable electronic sensors to measure produce-generated organic compounds to determine freshness and remaining shelf life at each stage of the cold chain.

AssuredFreshness enables First-Expiry-First-Out inventory, big data analytics, and metric-based management to improve supply chain effectiveness and lower costs; it delivers consistently higher quality produce that stays fresher longer at home.

The technology trial will demonstrate AssuredFreshness ability to predict remaining shelf life of individual strawberry flats throughout the cold chain, from harvest to retail location.  It is being conducted with major produce industry partners and funding from a worldwide leader in fresh produce ripening, quality, and waste reduction technology.

FreshSurety Corporation provides the produce industry with accurate product quality and shelf life information as it moves from farm to supermarket.  The company’s proprietary internet-of-things technology reports real-time location, freshness, and shelf life information for individual produce cartons anywhere in the world at a few cents per case.  In 2016 the company demonstrated a prototype sensor system in partnership with Driscoll’s Berries, Whole Foods Market, and AmazonFresh.  It is now conducting a national Technology Trial with produce industry partners and funding from a worldwide leader in fresh produce ripening, quality, and waste reduction technology.  FreshSurety is based in Orlando, Florida.


Smart Pallets Invests in New Spanish Production Facility


The company Smart Pallets will soon start the works of its new pallet production factory in Medinaceli, Spain, according to Spanish news reports. The new facility already has received its building license and will invest, according to information, eight million euros. The new plant is expected to generate fifteen jobs.

Smart Pallet


US$ 6.4 billion temperature controlled packaging solutions market to grow at 9.3% CAGR through 2026


Sonoco pallet shippers

Sonoco recently expanded its line of temperature-sensitive pallet shippers

According to a comprehensive analysis on the global temperature controlled packaging solutions market by Future Market Insights, companies seeking thermally-regulated packaging solutions for the unhampered delivery of their products will continue to opt for insulated containers, with chest-type containers accounting for significant demand. However, during the forecast period 2016-2026, the revenue share of insulated containers in the global market is forecasted to incur a minor decline, owing to increasing demand for PUR shippers, VIP shippers, and panels & envelopes.

China will witness a 13.5% CAGR – the highest for any country globally, whereas India, Australia & New Zealand, and Japan will remain the other lucrative markets for temperature controlled packaging solutions in Asia Pacific.

Since food & beverage and healthcare companies are predominantly the largest end users of temperature controlled packaging solutions, manufacturers are focussing on incorporating advanced technologies, reusable insulating materials, and even collaborating transportation operations with third-party logistics companies. The use of temperature controlled packaging technologies will be principally concentrated in chilled applications over frozen applications. In 2016, about half of the global market value will be associated with temperature controlled packaging revenues garnered through chilled applications.

Prominent players in the global temperature controlled packaging solutions market, including Sonoco Products Company, Cryopak, and Pelican BioThermal are based in the US, strengthening the influence of North America in the global market. Sofigram SA Ltd. (France), Cold Chain Technologies (US), Saeplast (Iceland), and Snyder Industries Inc. (US) are some of the leading players in the global market profiled in Future Market Insights’ research report.