Roundup: RFID-Enabled Egg Shipping System, How Reusable Packaging Can Eliminate E-Commerce Waste

Collaboration Provides New RFID-Enabled Egg Shipping System

Two Dutch companies have joined forces to offer a new solution to the egg supply chain.  Twinpack is the global supplier of the EggsCargoSystem®, including plastic pallets as part of the system have been equipped with RFID microchips. Ovotrack is a global provider of hardware and software solutions for the tracking and tracing of eggs. Read more.


How Reusable Packaging Can Improve Customer Experience and Obliterate E-Commerce Packaging Waste

What’s the best solution for the increased generation of packaging waste associated with e-commerce? One Finnish company has a solution. RePack has been on our radar for awhile and is about to gain additional exposure in the U.S.  Jonne Hellgren, CEO of RePack was recently interviewed by Smithers Pira ahead of his presentation this April at the Sustpack 2016 show. Read more.


Campaign in Washington Boosts Return of Post-Consumer Plastic Film for Recycling

Community outreach can make a difference in shaping recycling or reuse behavior, as evidenced by a recent study. Plastic film contamination is a current concern affecting the efficiency of operation at the local Material Recovery Facility in Clark County, WA. To reduce the contamination and increase the amount of film recycled, the City of Vancouver, WA, launched a public education and outreach initiative with partners to encourage consumers to recycle plastic bags and film through return-to-retail programs.

The campaign led to a more than doubled bag and film recycling increase —125 percent— at 12 Safeway stores. This campaign dovetailed with an existing regional government “Recycling Done Right” campaign that measured a 75 percent reduction in plastic bag contamination in recycling carts of residents who had received educational information from the joint efforts. Much work remains to be done as plastic film recycling rates are still problematic. Read more.