Roundup: Online Keg Ordering, Keg Storage and Handling, Bradford Company Expands in Tennessee

Chinese Keg Supplier Files $1.3 Million Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania Company

A Chinese keg manufacturer is suing a Pottstown, Pennsylvania company. It alleges a breach of contract involving keg shipments worth greater than $1 million.   Read more.


Bradford Co. to Invest $5.1 Million to Expand Operations in Gallatin, Tennessee

Bradford Company, a manufacturer of custom reusable packaging products, will invest $5.1 million in the expansion of its operations in Gallatin. Bradford is a fifth generation, family and employee-owned business first established its Gallatin operation in 1991. With this expansion, the company plans to expand its capacity as well as consolidate all of its Gallatin facilities into one.

The company specializes in manufacturing reusable/recyclable containers primarily for the automotive industry. Local officials reported the investment will provide 25 new jobs.


As Craft Beer and Kegged Wine Popularity Grows, Need for Better Keg Handling Solutions Felt

More kegs and more SKUs spell trouble for conventional approaches to keg storage. “As more beer and wine distributors must handle kegs, it is important to do so appropriately and safely,” says Greg Conner, Field Sales Engineer for Bastian Solutions. He noted the significant increase in the number of SKUs requiring storage.

Traditionally, Conner said,  distributors store kegs on pallets in conventional warehouse racking or on the floor. Not only are these kegs stored on pallets unstable and dangerous, he suggested, but they often don’t maximize warehouse storage space.

An alternative to storing kegs on pallets is gravity fed keg flow. Keg flow provides dense, multi-level keg storage – up to 8 kegs deep and 8 units wide per 96-inch bay – accommodating all keg types and sizes. Each lane can store a unique SKU with first in, first out (FIFO) inventory rotation or last in, first out (LIFO) rotation as needed for push systems. Keg flow optimizes space, providing the necessary selectivity while reducing travel time for increased productivity.



InstantKegs Launches New Website

Tampa, Florida-based InstantKegs, a premium provider of kegs to the Craft Brewery industry, has announced its new website, This new feature allows the craft brewer the ability to instantly source, ship, customize and finance its kegs through an easy and seamless platform.

By leveraging digital technology through a single online portal, the craft brewer now can instantly build a keg order, choose from a variety of freight options, track its order, customize its kegs with either laser or silk screen options and explore financing options to procure kegs within its projected budgetary needs.

Kevin Olmstead of InstantKegs explained that “Getting more kegs to scale a brewery’s business has typically been a burden for the craft brewer. They would rather spend more time making beer for its customers. That’s why we created Instantkegs, a one-stop site that the brewer can access at its convenience.”

InstantKegs provides high quality 1/2, 1/4 and 1/6  size stainless steel kegs that are outfitted with American Sankey D – system spears. Additionally, the kegs are industry standard, pre-cleaned, passivated kegs that are manufactured in an ISO 9001-20012 certified facility. Kegs are inspected, stored and shipped from its Florida warehouse for distribution to all 50 states, typically within one business day of an order being received.