Roundup: Herman Miller, ATD, PPS Equipment, LPR, Axios and CHEP

Herman Miller’s Cindy Doman and David Martin Featured on Sustainable Community Voices

Interestingly enough, around 95 percent of project bids have environmental packaging requirements, reports David Martin of two-time Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award winner Herman Miller in this Sustainable Community Voices NPR podcast.

RPA's Tim Debus awards Dave Martin with the Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award during PACK EXPO 2015.

RPA’s Tim Debus awards Dave Martin with the Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award during PACK EXPO 2015.

ATD, Inc. to Top $5 Million in Sales

Robin Ellenburg, a former sales professional for Monoflo, started his industrial plastic recycling business in 2007. Business has doubled every year for the last five years. Read more.

Market for transit returnables growing fast in protein sectors

The use of plastic returnable transit packaging (RTP) in UK food is growing, says supplier PPS, notably in the meat, poultry and fish sectors, though there is little evidence that returnables are conquering major new categories. Link to complete story.

NFT signs five-year renewal with CHEP

La Palette Rouge (LPR), one of Europe’s leading pallet pooling specialists, is continuing to grow its network, strengthening its operational reach in the UK, France, and Portugal with the opening of four new service centres.

LPR, a division of Euro Pool Group, has enjoyed strong growth at both national and international levels in Europe. Read more.

Axios Announces Agreement in Principle to Purchase Axsense

Axios Mobile Assets Corp.  has reached an agreement in principle to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Axsense Inc. (“Axsense”) as well as in exchange for the issuance of up to $2,500,000 of units of Axios Mobile Asset Corp. Axsense has developed a proprietary sensor and system which Axios believes will enhance its pallet systems by adding a device that can provide temperature sensing, and potentially also shock sensing, CO2 sensing and GPS sensing. Read more.