Roundup: 65,000 Counterfeit EPAL Pallets Seized in Italy, EPAL Sponsors Leading Music Festival in Hungary

Over 65,000 Fake EPAL Pallets Seized in Italy

On 19th June 2016 in Mezzani (Parma), working in close co-operation with EPAL’s Italian National Committee, Conlegno-Consorzio, and the independent inspection company, Bureau Veritas, the Guardia di Finanza dealt a huge blow to the illegal use of the trademark ‘EPAL in oval’ and the commercial counterfeiting of EPAL Euro pallets. Over 65,000 counterfeit Euro pallets, including many EPAL Euro pallets as well as EPAL blocks and nails, were seized by the Guardia di Finanza in a yard. The Guardia di Finanza expressly stated that counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets do not meet phytosanitary and hygiene regulations and what’s more, pose a high safety risk.

Legal proceedings have been initiated by the public prosecutor’s office in Parma against the owner of the yard and producer of counterfeit pallets on the grounds of counterfeiting EPAL Euro pallets, receiving stolen property and commercial fraud.


EPAL Sponsors Leading Music Festival in Hungary

The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) signed on as a sponsor to one of the biggest and most well-known music festivals in the world: the Sziget Festival in Budapest. The music, art and culture festival, taking place from 10th to 17th August 2016, expects more than 500,000 visitors, who will get to experience more than 1,000 individual events over 60 stages. Together with the EPAL Czech and Slovak National Committee, the EPAL General Secretariat is sponsoring the event with 4,500 new EPAL Euro pallets, which will be used to build the ‘Colosseum’. The Colosseum is the dance and party location on the Festival’s grounds, where international DJs spin tunes by day and night. The Sziget Festival was awarded the best European festival in 2011 and 2014, and in 2015 received the best line up award at the Festival Awards Europe.


Robert Holliger confirmed as EPAL President for a further three years

The General Assembly of the European Pallet Association e.V (EPAL) unanimously elected Robert Holliger President of EPAL for a further three years, in a vote undertaken July 1, 2016, in Segovia, Spain. Furthermore, the following countries are currently represented on the EPAL Board: the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain as well as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

EPAL’s successful work and the continuing expansion of the largest open pallet pool will continue with the re-election of Robert Holliger.

Holliger has supported EPAL from the outset, many years as Vice President and since 2010 as President of the umbrella organisation of the licenced producers and repairers of EPAL pallets. Under the presidency of Robert Holliger, the brand “EPAL in oval” has become what it is today: A strong and protected brand name worldwide, which stands for independently assured quality, for safety and sustainability. Over 450 million EPAL pallets are currently available to the global logistics network, in the largest open pallet exchange pool. Production and repair figures continue to increase: The 100 million mark for new pallet output and repair was exceeded for the first time in 2015. Also, cooperation with users was intensified and global market penetration strengthened. Such activities included the foundation of the new National Committee in the Czech and Slovak Republic in October 2015 and the development of networks to the Middle East and Asia.

The primary focus of the coming three years of Robert Holliger’s presidency will be the fight against the counterfeiting of EPAL pallets and thus the preservation of the high quality of the largest open pallet exchange pool in the world.


Storer Makes Welcome Return to Lead Pooling Partners UK & Ireland

A leading expert in sustainable logistics and the circular economy has been appointed to head up the UK and Ireland markets for Pooling Partners, Europe’s largest combined manufacturer and pooler of wooden pallets.

Phil Storer IPP LogipalWith more than 30 years in the supply chain, Phil Storer – who coined the phrase ECOnomics to best describe why sustainable logistics and profitability are not mutually exclusive – will be focusing his attention on Pooling Partners’ continued year-on-year market growth – it has already established itself as the second largest pallet pooler in the UK.

Phil, 55, who has held senior positions in the supply chain for almost 30 years including roles as managing and commercial director for Exel Logistics, will be looking to accelerate this growth across its multiple sectors including the food and drink, FMCG retail and other markets.

Based at Pooling Partners’ UK headquarters in Meriden, Coventry, it is a welcome return for Phil, who has been leading the successful European development role for IPP Logipal and PRS Return pooling services of Pooling Partners’ portfolio for the last six years.

“We have ambitious targets and my brief is clear: to continue to grow our market share through our customer-centric and value for money proposition. We work with our clients to streamline their supply chain using our circular economy re-use model whereby we manufacture, retrieve and repair pallets before re-circulating them and managing this constant flow.

“This sustainable model creates a value proposition by driving additional efficiencies and carbon savings while our focus is simplicity and transparency – from our UK-based customer centres to our centralised billing – so that we make it easy to start a conversation with us.”

A family man, Phil, who lives in Derbyshire, added: “We have an excellent team in the UK and Ireland and a rich pipeline of new business opportunities. Many are renewals, but interestingly there are many we are talking to make a change and are trying something new. This is where we have strength and I look forward to starting those conversations.”


Euro Pool Group donates € 40,000 to Terre des Hommes