Roundup: RM2 to Present the Future of IoT Pallets, Columbia/Okura announces strategic partnership with Statec Binder

RM2 to Present the Future of IoT Pallets at GSMA Global Mobile IoT Summit at Mobile World Congress 2017

RM2 International’s chief technology officer, David Simmons will present RM2ELIoT, the Electronic Link to the Internet of Things at this year’s GSMA Global Mobile IoT Summit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Feb. 26, 2017. The presentation will take place at Hesperia Tower Hotel at 3:00 p.m.

AT&T, Orange and other IoT leading companies will also be presenting their plans to launch and commercialize Mobile IoT networks in 2017, along with Huawei, a leading ecosystem provider,  at the Summit.

RM2 International has developed an IoT smart pallet solution designed to optimize supply chain visibility by providing granular data for segments of the supply chain from a pallet perspective. The solution comprises of a hardwearing composite pallet, RM2’s BLOCKPal™ and RM2ELIoT, a fully integrated IoT location monitoring device based on the LTE-M cellular network. The RM2ELIoT electronic module is designed to last up to a decade on a single power source, while the BLOCKPal pallet is designed to last over a hundred pallet trips before needing repairs.

“By 2020, it’s projected over 50 billion supply chain devices will be IoT-enabled,” said David Simmons, Chief Technology Officer for RM2. “RM2ELIoT gives our clients the ability to capture and analyse large amounts of geolocation data in their supply chains down to the pallet level. This level of visibility and granularity can reveal new ways of managing supply chains, identifying bottlenecks, handling product recalls, improving security and highlighting many other supply chain inefficiencies.”

In 2016, RM2 joined AT&T’s LTE-M commercial pilot along with several enterprises and technology providers.  AT&T launched North America’s first LTE-M enabled commercial site in the San Francisco market to support the testing of AT&T’s LTE-M Low-Power Wide-Area network in October 2016. AT&T recognizes RM2 for its participation in the commercial LTE-M Pilot.


Columbia/Okura announces strategic partnership with Statec binder

Columbia/Okura LLC, a leading provider of robotic palletizing solutions, is excited to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Statec Binder, a high performance packaging and palletizing supplier, specializing in highly efficient bagging solutions.

This customer-focused alliance was initiated by each company’s desire to provide North American producers with end-to-end, fully automated bag line solutions from a single OEM provider.

This agreement combines Columbia/Okura’s industry leading robotic bag palletizing expertise with Statec Binder’s global experience and leadership with woven poly, FFS, multi-wall paper, and laminated paper/poly bag packaging technologies.  The alliance positions Columbia/Okura to provide customers in North America with “single source supply” of high-performance open-mouth and form-fill-seal bagging and palletizing lines.

“Statec Binder is a leader in bag packaging technologies associated with free flowing materials and powders. Our relationship will allow Columbia/Okura to provide our customers with premium quality, complete bagging line solutions from a US based OEM.  Under this collaboration, we will be providing local sales and service support for the complete range of Statec Binder products” said Brian Hutton, President, Columbia/Okura LLC.

Okura Yusoki Co., Ltd., one of Columbia/Okura’s JV owners, established a relationship with Statec Binder in Europe years ago, when Statec Binder became a key integration partner for Okura’s line of dedicated palletizing robots for complete bagging line solutions for customer requirements around the world.  The alliance in North America marks the next step in the progression of the companies’ collaboration.