reLogistics, CHEP Containers Group Expand N.A. Footprints

  • reLogistics Services Expands Reverse Logistics Network to Jacksonville, Florida
  • CHEP Containers Group To Open New South Bend Facility
  • Range International Ltd Invests in New Plastic Pallet Capacity
  • PLUS Pallet Offered in the UK

reLogistics Services Expands Reverse Logistics Network to Jacksonville, Florida

reLogistics Services, leader in reusable asset management services, has announced the opening of its new reverse logistics center (RLC) in Jacksonville, Florida, which is now the company’s 45th location.

The 33 dock door facility expands reLogistics’ network with other locations in the Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and Kentucky, and California markets. The new Jacksonville RLC will offer the ability for its key retail customers to process reusable transport packaging items like pallets, reusable plastic containers, reusable totes and trays 24 hours a day – seven days a week.

reLogistics employees will unload and process these items on behalf of their customers enabling them to focus on getting product to the consumer while freeing up their distribution center space and maximizing trailer capacity.

“We are proud to broaden our US footprint into the Northern Florida market with our new Jacksonville RLC,” stated Mike Hachtman, President, reLogistics Services.  “It’s the perfect location to better enable us to meet the growing demands of our customers while maximizing customer backhauls and facilitating reusable transport packaging contributing to their sustainability objectives.”

According to Hachtman, the new RLC located at 2780 Lloyd Road Jacksonville, FL 32254 will employ 16 to 18 people in various warehouse positions.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, reLogistics is the leading provider of warehouse and pallet management services. reLogistics supports customers at 45 locations, servicing more than 1,000 retail outlets. reLogistics processes more than 245,000 trailers including 73 million pallets and 53 million reusable totes annually.


CHEP Containers Group To Open New South Bend Facility

In response to the growing demand for container pooling solutions in the Midwest United States, the containers division of CHEP is excited to open a new state-of-the-art container processing service center in South Bend, Indiana.

For 18 years, CHEP has been North America’s leading container pooler, providing reusable shipping container rental, tracking, cleaning and repair to food, beverage, cosmetic, general manufacturing and automotive manufacturers.  In addition to its corporate headquarters office in Livonia, MI, CHEP has a robust network of service centers located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The new facility will have direct access to several major interstate systems, which will decrease order lead times and logistics costs, as well as offering improved processes and JIT replenish and fulfillment opportunities for nearby customers. Featuring an advanced semi-automatic wash line, the South Bend service center will not only improve average throughput time and standardize quality, but will also provide additional capacity throughout the SC network. 

“South Bend will produce significant advantages for our already robust service center network and allow us to fulfill customer orders with superior reliability and quality,” explained Shayne Murphy, Director of Operations for CHEP Container North America, “We are excited to use this new facility as the blueprint for enhancing our operations to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

CHEP’s conscious effort to improve sustainable, lean operations and create solutions that are valuable and environmentally friendly has earned them recognition as a Top Green Supplier by Food Logistics Magazine for three consecutive years. For more information on CHEP’s products and services, visit or call (888) 873-2277.



Range International Ltd Invests in New Plastic Pallet Capacity

Range International Ltd  has ordered six extrusion and press systems for its new production facility in Pasuruan, East Java, according to Proactive Investors. Delivery is expected in 2017.  The company has developed ThermoFusion technology which enables to utilize 100 percent mixed waste plastic in its production process. at the company’s new factory site in Pasuruan, East Java in 2017.

Since being issued at $1.00 (AU) per share two months ago, its stock has increased by 38 percent.


PLUS Pallet Offered in the UK

Plastic pallet supplier Exporta Global is now offering the nestable PLUS Pallet as that product’s sole distributor in the UK, according to a news story. The PLUS Pallet supersedes the popular SP1210 product line. While the cost remains constant, the new offering boasts a 25 percent greater load capacity, and a shipping ratio of 60 empty pallets per stack rather than the 52 pallets in a comparable stack of SP1210 pallets. This translates into a 15 percent reduction in shipping costs. Dimensions are 1200x1000mm. Options, including closed deck, are available.