Roundup: Brambles Builds “Moat,” Loscam Thailand, Pooling Partners Quarter Pallet, Pelican News

Brambles’ Gorman Rejects Short Term Approach, Will Invest $US1.5 Billion to “Build Moat”

Over the next four years, Brambles will invest $1.5 billion and reinvest generated cost savings in order to increase the competitive advantage of the company. CEO Tom Gorman says the company will extend the “moat” or competitive wall through emphasis on investment rather than on short-term margin improvement.

Around 55 percent of that $1.5 billion injection will be invested in the CHEP pallets business, while about 35 percent will be deployed into the IFCO RPC operation. Another 10 percent will be directed at the containers unit.

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Pooling Partners Quarter Pallet Pool Continues to Grow

1.4-Pallet_Main-PhotoFour years after entering the market with a quarter pallet, business continues to grow, according to a recent Dutch language press release from Pooling Partners. The company now has 2 million quarter pallets in its sytem.




Loscam Pooling Solutions Showcased at Intelligent Warehouse Thailand 2015 


Group photo of Loscam Thailand, VIPs from Ministry of Industry Thailand, The Thai Chamber of Commerce, and representatives from Exhibitors

Loscam, Asia Pacific’s leading pallet pooling service provider, participated with leading industry players in South East Asia Region in Intelligent Warehouse Exhibition 2015 in Thailand on 26 – 28 August 2015. At the exhibition, Loscam exhibited its wide range of pooling solutions and products, including ECR wooden pallets, hygiene plastic pallets, pallet cages, plastic crates and intermediate bulk containers (IBC).

Intelligent Warehouse Exhibition 2015 is the first of its kind ever co-organized by the leading intralogistics industry players in Thailand, aiming to demonstrate to the market the integrated and intelligent power of the latest technology, hardware and software for the modern warehouse management. This warehouse intelligence-oriented exhibition is a great success as it purposely adheres to the needs of stakeholders of the modern warehouse industry especially the users. The highlight of the exhibition is the live demonstration of how a modern and intelligent warehouse is comprised of and operates, with Loscam pallets as the indispensible components.

Ever since its inception in 1995, Loscam (Thailand) Ltd has been dedicated to providing quality pooling services and products to Thailand market, and is today the leading pallet pooling service provider in Thailand and a driver of pallet pooling across South East Asia. In April this year, Loscam (Thailand) Ltd completed the construction of a new Super Depot in Wang Noi Ayutthaya, demonstrating Loscam’s commitment to continuous improvement in quality and services.

At this Intelligent Warehouse, in addition to the exhibition of its competitive ECR wooden pallets and other new products, Loscam (Thailand) Ltd also conducted a pallet pooling seminar that was well attended by an enthusiastic industry audience. They were highly encouraged by Loscam’s success in creating value to Thailand supply chain management and logistics industry through pallet pooling.


Pelican BioThermal, Zuellig Pharma Enter Partnership in Asia

Pelican BioThermal, a global leader providing the broadest and most innovative range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions serving the life sciences industry, announced its new partnership with Zuellig Pharma.

Established in 1922, Zuellig Pharma is Asia’s leading healthcare services provider offering a broad range of innovative services including distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical trial materials, sales and marketing outsourcing, patient-centred programmes, payer solutions (third party administration services) and a full range of retail pharmacy services.

The pharma partnership further aligns with Pelican BioThermal’s plans to grow in the region and the new contract, will see Zuellig Pharma in Vietnam utilise reusable Credo products and Credo Cube for parcel shipments. Additional products being used to transport pharma products include the Credo Xtreme for bulk shipment, ProMed and DuraCube. The benefits for the deployment of the Credo products include robust controlled-temperature reliability based on elimination of thermal excursions and low cost of ownership due to the reusable nature of the product.

“We are very excited about the new relationship with Zuellig Pharma and are honored to introduce Pelican BioThermal products and services to them as part of our expanding global network,” said David Williams, president of Pelican BioThermal.

“The introduction of our products and support services are a cornerstone of Zuellig Pharma’s Asian strategy beginning with Vietnam, which is the first of 12 Asian countries that will utilise our products for their operations, over the next 18 months. With our Asian headquarters being based in Singapore we are ideally placed to support Zuellig Pharma with replacement parts for refurbishment, offer ongoing training, in addition to providing backup if they need further assistance with any additional service volume.”

To ensure maximum efficiency of the Credo systems Zuellig Pharma will undergo training on repair, cleaning and refurbishment services and will employ Credo ProEnvision software to manage assets throughout the distribution, return, refurbishment and restocking processes.

“Zuellig Pharma is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet our high quality standards and support the continuous enhancement of the services to our clients and customers,” stated Darren Wedding, senior vice president, operations, Zuellig Pharma.