Roundup: Greystone to Supply Plastic Pallets to Pooling Provider, Aviation Industry Looks to Eliminate Air Pallet Damage

Aviation Industry Shoulders $300 Million Annual Repair Bill for Unit Load Devices

There are almost one million unit load devices circulating in the aviation industry, and collectively, they cost the industry $300 million for repair. Another $100 million in damage relates to damage to aircraft on the ground from interaction with ULDs. About 60 percent of ULDs are baggage containers while 40 percent are cargo pallets. On average, ULDs are repaired 1.5 times annually, at a cost of $250 per repair.

The good news for the industry is that the damage bill isn’t getting any worse, however, it is looking for ways to lower the bill. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that the amount could be shaved by 75 percent through better care as well as investment in next generation lightweight containers. Some industry leaders lay blame on increased outsourcing of ULD handling operations, combined with a lack of knowledge and accountability. Where participants identify companies causing damage and hold them responsible, the damage is being curtailed.

Better handling practices are an area of focus. IATA is working towards this through its updated regulations manual, as well as enhanced training portfolio and an industry awareness campaign.

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Bulk Container System Helps Marina Clean Up Fish Waste Problem

When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asked Algoma, Wis. to improve its waste handling practices related to the cleaning of fish by anglers, it installed a new conveyor and bulk container program that delivers this material to a fertilizer producer.

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Maritime Container Shippers Prepare for Implementation of New Container Weight Rule

Effective July 1, 2016, shipping containers must contain a manifest stating the gross weight before it can be loaded aboard a ship. There are two approved ways this can be accomplished. One tact is to weigh the fully loaded container on an approved scale or weighbridge. The other approach is to weigh everything, including pallets and dunnage, which is going into a container, in addition to the tare weight of the container itself.  The requirement is an effort to prevent the risk of capsizings. In the past, such events have been linked to incorrectly stated container weights.

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Greystone Logistics to Provide New Generation 48×40-Inch Plastic Pallet to Pooling Provider

Greystone Logistics, Inc. says it has agreed to provide new generation 48×40 plastic pallets for an undisclosed national pallet pooling provider.

“Greystone signed a multi-year contract that will expand the previously announced 40,000 pallet purchase order,” stated Warren Kruger, CEO of the Tulsa-based company.

“The expected new generation mold has recently arrived and will soon be in full production. The first components of an additional injection-molding machine, which should be operational in about March 2016, are currently being delivered. This machine will be dedicated to the new customer. We anticipate that this new contract will have a positive impact on top line sales and generate margins in line with expectations. We foresee the need for additional molds later in the year for this customer. A significant amount of time, planning, testing and capital has been expended on this project. This undertaking was accomplished due to the energy and patience of our dedicated and knowledgeable employees.”