Roundup: Are Pallets Public Enemy #1? Worthington’s Failed Pallet Initiative, IFCO’s Reusable for Bakery Products

Are Pallets Public Enemy #1?

In this Pallet Enterprise Magazine column, I look at emerging logistics trends ranging from e-commerce to vertical urban farming, and their impact on pallet and container selection.

Worthington’s Failed Effort to Crack the Pallet Market

Several years ago the $3.4 billion Columbus-based metals processor began making and testing pallets out of steel. While more expensive than wood, steel is more durable, easy to repair and weighed less. The strategy did not result in success, however, with CEO John P. McConnell calling the wood pallet market “a very tightly controlled space.”

IFCO’s Reusable Container for Bakery 

“Our Brown Lift Lock is designed to meet the specific needs of the fresh and frozen bakery supply chains,” said Wolfgang Orgeldinger, Chief Executive Officer of IFCO Systems, “while maintaining the benefits of a standardized packaging system and one single container logistics service provider for all fresh foods.”

Fiji Airways Renews ULD Contract with CHEP Aerospace

Fiji Airways has renewed its ULD management contract with CHEP Aerospace Solutions as it looks to increase its use of lightweight containers. As part of the new contract, CHEP will introduce new lightweight containers from its 80,000 pool of assets to support Fiji Airways in reducing fuel costs and lowering their CO2 emissions and help towards their sustainability targets.