Roundup: CabCube 1210 Has Become a Hit, Axios Mobile Assets Receiver Appointed, Macro Plastics EuroBin 1210 IBC, AFP Inc. Acquires Division of EPA

Folding Sleeve Pack: Enthusiasm for CabCube 1210 Stacks Up!

Since its launch at IMHX last year, the CabCube 1210 has been a hit with customers,” reports Rebecca Hardisty, PR and Marketing Manager for the firm. One of the main highlights of the show, she says, was how visitors responded to the product when they saw it for themselves in the flesh. Attendees were impressed at how quick and easy the large unit was to handle, erect and pack back down by hand.With this in mind, has created a demonstration video to let the CabCube 1210,  a unique, injection-molded, three-piece folding sleeve pack, speak for itself.


Axios Mobile Assets Announces Appointment of a Receiver and Director Resignations

Axios Mobile Assets Corp. (TSX VENTURE: AXA) (NEX: AXA.H) (“Axios” or the “Company”) today announced that the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has granted the application of the Company’s senior secured lender, to appoint A. Farber and Partners (the “Receiver”) as receiver and manager over the assets, undertakings and property of Axios and its subsidiaries. The Receiver is charged with managing the day to day affairs of the Company and its subsidiaries during the period of its appointment and should be contacted with respect to any questions concerning the assets and liabilities of Axios.

In addition, the Company also announced today that Dennis Bausch and James Taylor have resigned as directors of the Company and Richard MacDonald remains as the sole director of the Company for the time being.  For additional information please follow this link :


Macro Plastics Introduces EuroBin 1210

Macro Plastics EuroBin 1210 IBC

Macro Plastics will introduce its latest innovative plastic returnable packaging product for the automotive supply chain at the Automotive Leaders Summit in Vienna, Austria, according to LinkedIn post by Rodney Salmon.  The new product, the EuroBin 1210 has been designed with a goal of increasing cube capacity, and thereby improving transportation and storage efficiencies, as well as with regard to improved safety standards and simplified parts handling.

With a weight capacity of 900 kg, OEM’s and tier suppliers have the flexibility to store and transport both trim and assembly parts in the same bin, eliminating the need for multiple containers.  Two unique bin heights are offered – 980 mm and 597 mm.

The EuroBin 1210 offers a standard external footprint of 1200mm X 1000mm X 980mm and internal dimensions of 1129 mm x 926mm x 842 mm. Offering the same footprint as other bins on the market, there is no need to change current internal dunnage systems. When empty, the EuroBin weighs just 47 kg, which is the lightest bin on the market, says Salmon.

Stacking efficiencies

The EuroBin offers 3-high stacking of full bins in a European Mega trailer, or 78 EuroBins per trailer. When collapsed, the EuroBin stacks 10 units high, yielding an impressive 260 bins per trailer.

“As a result, for every 10 trailers used now, you will only need 7 when using the EuroBin,” Salmon notes. “The EuroBin is 4,680 kilos lighter per truckload in comparison to other bins currently being used.”

Other important features

  • Non-sequential folding ensures faster and easier handling .
  • Drop down sides facilitate material handler access.
  • Bin side doors can be opened when stacking, allowing inspection of contents without the need for unstacking bins.
  • Doors are the same size on both the 1000 mm side and the 1200 mm side, offering convenience and ergonomic benefits for material handlers.
  • Fork straps have been designed with high visibility to aid forklift operators in accurately identifying fork tyne openings, even in lower light conditions.
  • Fork straps are simple to repair and inexpensive to replace. They are a separate component, which means that when damaged, they can be repaired or replaced without the need to replace the whole bin.

The EuroBin offers a 60% reduction in time and a 70% decrease in cost for part replacement.  to replace parts. This in turn reduces the number of bins that are out of use in the supply chain.

For more information, visit, or see Macro Plastics at the trade show.


AFP, Inc. Acquires Division of Springfield, MO’s EPI

Austin Foam Plastics, Inc. (AFP, Inc.), a leading provider of integrated engineered packaging solutions, announces its acquisition of Springfield, MO’s Engineered Packaging Inc.’s (EPI) protective packaging division.   Over a 26 year period, EPI, which is owned and led by Mr. Jim Stout, successfully built a strong business in the custom engineered packaging space by creating a customer-centric culture.  AFP will continue to stay aligned with Mr. Stout as he begins to explore his retirement.

As a result of the acquisition, AFP strengthens its ability to serve existing customers in the Midwest and is strategically positioned for growth.

“AFP recognized strong relationships with customers and vendors, overlaps in core competencies, integration of technologies, and expansion of converting capabilities, in a new geography we were not currently serving,” states Greg Peden, Senior VP Emerging Business Development.

EPI will continue to operate their Temperature Controlled Packaging Division and AFP will assume the protective packaging, distribution and returnable/consumable lines of business. AFP looks forward to serving product manufacturer’s packaging needs and growing customer relationships in the greater Midwest.

Source: AFP