rm2 to Launch New Line of Composite Pallets at IMHX

rm2 is launching its new range of composite pallets, and will be exhibiting its products and innovations at the forthcoming 2013 IMHX show from 19th to 22nd March. The company says that its BlockPal pallet is designed to retain all the well publicised benefitsns that polymer pallets have over wood, which include environmental and hygiene considerations, while improving on key areas of weakness. The combination of superior materials, durability and design, coupled with volume production capability will position rm2 to provide unique solutions to the major users of pallets, offering a single point of contact for pallet supply and optional asset management.Blockpal

rm2 elaborates that its new composite material pallet significantly increases pallet performance, providing superior impact resistance, high strength to weight ratio and minimal creep. The pallet provides a long service life in operating temperature ranges of -20 to + 80 ° C.

BlockPal is a multi-trip heavy duty distribution pallet that has an open top deck configuration for ease of cleaning. Its low profile runners and wide fork openings makes for easy pallet access for a wide variety of materials handling equipment. Manufactured to a high specification, BlockPal meets ISO 8611 standards using FDA compliant composites and passed the UL 2335 “Fire Test of Storage Pallets” without the use of controversial chemical retardants. These features ensure suitability across multiple industry sectors such as FMCG, ingredients, pharmaceutical and packaging.

The pallet is available in the standard 1200x1000mm, 1200x800mm, 1165x1165mm and 48″x40″ footprints with other bespoke sizes available for specialised applications.

LeanPal is a new ISPM compliant 1200mm X 1000mm nestable pallet introduced by rm2. Designed and manufactured in PP (polypropylene) it provides a high quality, reusable, multi-trip load carrier. A low product weight and 50% nesting capability when not in use, gives the product broad industry sector appeal and it is particularly suitable for any high frequency downstream distribution roles.BLOCKPal 2

To complement its product offerings, rm2 offers a professional and established integrated service to support organisations with significant logistics networks to achieve operational efficiencies, improved margins and asset management. It is a non-intrusive, proven and highly efficient web-based track and trace service. It uses customers’ existing system entries and significantly enhances asset retention by the authorized user. For those customers that need more information on their shipments, rm2 pallets can be fitted with RFID tags.

Source: rm2

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