RM2 Smart Pallet Powered by AT&T’s LTE-M Network Supports Pharmaceutical Product Safety and Reduced Carbon Emissions

Companies to detail RM2’s connected, reusable pallet potential at upcoming PACK EXPO, panel discussion to be streamed live on RM2’s Twitter handle, @RM2pallets.

RM2, an innovator in shipping pallet design, is pleased to announce their involvement in an upcoming panel discussion, “Unlocking the Supply Chain with the Internet of Things,” at Pack Expo Las Vegas on the Healthcare Packaging Stage, Sept. 25 at 2 p.m. PST. The panel, moderated by AT&T, will also include Pure Strategies, a U.S. consulting firm focused on sustainability strategies that improve organization’s environmental and social performance.

The panel will explore how the Internet of Things (IoT) and the RM2 BLOCKPal™, a reusable, connected pallet, can improve the efficiency and security of product transportation while helping to reduce carbon emissions for users. These are particularly important considerations for health care companies as they track the flow of pharmaceutical products from manufactures to consumers across the world.

“Connected, reusable pallets can reduce the risk of loss by empowering users to see new data from segments of the supply chain that were previously invisible – all while helping lower carbon emissions compared to traditional wooden pallets,” said John Schulz, Director of Sustainability Integration, AT&T.  “It’s a great example of how IoT can enable efficiencies across the supply chain.”

Use of the RM2 BLOCKPal™ pallet, equipped with access to AT&T’s LTE-M low-power wide-area network, can help address many of the critical issues impacting the healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chain, such as quality control, spread of bacteria, theft, fraud, unnecessary waste, temperature control, shock monitoring and the economic burden of recalls.

The RM2 “smart” pallet is well-suited to impact these challenges because it is in constant contact with the product it is carrying. Pallet users, including manufactures, suppliers, distributors, retailers and regulators can see the pallet’s location throughout its journey. New data provided by this pallet will empower users to be more proactive, improve quality control and enable companies, including those in the pharmaceutical industry, to safely deliver products to recipients as intended.

If you’d like to view the presentation, please email info@rm2.com. The panel will also be live streamed on RM2’s Twitter handle, @RM2pallets.