RM2 AT&T Case Study: Unlocking the Potential of Connected, Reusable Pallets


RM2, the sustainable composite pallet innovator, reports that AT&T has completed its case study on the potential of using RM2’s connected pallets, to help them reach their 2025 goal to enable carbon savings 10x the footprint of AT&T’s operations by enhancing the efficiency of its network and delivering sustainable customer solutions.

“AT&T has a goal – our “10x” goal – to enable carbon savings for our customers that are 10 times the footprint of our own operations by 2025,” AT&T writes in an introduction to the case study. “To meet this goal, we are engaging with customers and technology partners to implement and scale up carbon-saving solutions. Through this process, we are publishing a series of case studies and concepts to share our progress and learning.”

The AT&T LTE-M network turns the RM2ELIoT device, which is integrated into the body of the BLOCKPal™ pallet, into a powerful tool for increasing supply chain visibility. With AT&T, RM2ELIoT is able to collect actionable data as the BLOCKPal pallet travels through the supply chain.

RM2 will continue to work with AT&T to unlock key parts of supply chains. RM2 and AT&T are working together to leverage the power of AT&T’s LTE-M network to capture data on the location of the BLOCKPal pallets using the RM2ELIoT device. RM2 and AT&T have also teamed up at industry events, including Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and ProMat in Chicago to discuss the innovation behind using AT&T’s LTE-M technology to make the BLOCKPal pallet more efficient and reduce emissions within the supply chain.

Using data from a peer reviewed life cycle assessment performed by Pure Strategies, the AT&T case study concluded that connectivity of the RM2ELIoT BLOCKPal pallet enables the client to potentially avoid 640 metric tons of CO2 (the equivalent of 72,000 gallons of gas) for every 1 million pallet trips. Based on this study, a switch by just 5% of the estimated 10 billion pallets moving around the world today to the reusable RM2ELIoT BLOCKPal pallet could drive a reduction of 7.3 million metric tons of CO2 – or 818 million gallons of gasoline per annum.

Connectivity of RM2ELIoT to the AT&T network unlocks the benefits of the reusable BLOCKPal pallet; empowering RM2’s clients to maintain oversight of the pallet’s location, inventory and prevent loss, while obtaining new data from segments of the supply chain that were previously out of reach.

John Walsh, RM2 CEO, commented: “The collaboration between RM2 and AT&T showcases sustainable innovation and we are honored that the sustainability benefits of the RM2ELIoT smart connected BLOCKPal pallet support AT&T’s 10 x sustainability initiatives.”

AT&T and RM2 worked with sustainability consultancies Pure Strategies, Carbon Trust and BSR to measure the benefits.

Source: RM2