RLS Logistics Selects Poweracks, Mobile Storage, at Its Newly Constructed Delanco Cold Storage Facility

RLS Logistics has selected Poweracks from FLEXSPACE as a storage solution in its new state-of-the-art cold storage warehouse in Delanco, New Jersey.  Poweracks was selected to leverage its semi-automated capabilities to increase storage density, improve and optimize accessibility, decrease energy and operational costs while delivering sustainable financial outcomes and metrics.

New to Poweracks, mobile storage solution, RLS Logistics opted to install Poweracks and double-deep racking side-by-side in Phase I at the Delanco facility.  Business outcomes over double-deep racking were dramatic:

  • 56% increase in pallet positions
  • 23% decrease in cost per pallet position
  • 864% increase to the bottomline

Poweracks -mobile storage storage system- maximizes storage space utilization through use of a moving aisle, which provides direct access to every pallet location and greatly reduces the number of static access aisles required.  Wasted aisle space is converted to usable, revenue-generating inventory space; increasing storage density by as much as 100% while providing the lowest cost per pallet, compared to all other storage options.

“Poweracks is a proven leader in high density, mobile storage throughout Europe, as we use double-deep racking here in the states,” explains Tony Leo, CEO & president of RLS Warehousing group. “We proved that Poweracks delivers more yield (pallets), using less energy, and with the semi-automated nature of Poweracks, I forecast utilizing less labor, compared to double-deep.”

Todd Jessup, President of FLEXSPACE, said, “We are honored to be undertaking this project with RLS and its partners who share our dedication to sustainability and business value. Poweracks is gaining momentum as a semi-automated, high density storage solution across the U.S. Delanco is a prime example of its high performance and business outcomes that increase revenue, reduce costs, and lower risk.”

When fully operational RLS Logistics’s Delanco warehouse will be 180,000 sq. ft. (Phase I – 45,000 sq. ft); contain 30,000 pallet positions (Phase I – 7,500 pallet positions):  -10°F to 38°F storage, 45°F in dock; 12 dock doors; built on 32 acres.

RLS Logistics is a third generation family-owned third-party logistics provider (3PL) specializing within the cold chain. The company is a leading frozen & refrigerated temperature-controlled logistics provider offering LTL and TL transportation, cold storage warehousing and e-commerce fulfillment services. For more information visit www.rlslogistics.com

FLEXSPACE is an innovative storage solution provider whose vision is to revolutionize industrial storage space across America. It provides its clients with solutions that minimize energy demands, capital exposure, and resource requirements.  Read more about the RLS | Flexspace business outcomes at www.flexspace360-rls.com.