RIPA Announces Its New Website

RIPA, the Reusable Industrial Packaging Associaiton, has announced the launch of its new website! The site address remains the same – – but almost everything else is new, according to the announcement.

The updated site instantly adds value to membership with RIPA. It is a tremendous resource, highly interactive, and very user friendly.

The look of the site has been updated and made more “green”. It presents its content very well to the public, the media, shippers, regulators and other policymakers.

There is a “Find a Member” section which includes listings for all RIPA member locations. This searchable database will help potential customers find RIPA members’ locations in search of particular products and services.

There is a “Members Only” section that features a treasure trove of compliance tools, special reports and training modules. The Members Only section requires that members login to the site with their location’s User Name and Password.

There is a public, open-access “Resources” section with industry information, statistics, standards, and hazmat basics. For instance, visitors to the site can find industry SIC Codes, all the registered “M” and “R” numbers, an archive of RIPA Newsletters, and a compendium of RIPA policy statements and official comments on regulatory proposals.

Of course, too, there is a section on RIPA conferences. Users will find there all the latest information on When? Where? and How? to attend the events. A link to a new online conference registration is included for convenience. No more printing out a form, filling it out by hand, and faxing it to the RIPA office. It’s all modern now! And the new method allows staff to more easily monitor registrations, process payments, provide confirmations, and make changes to registrations as events may require.

There is a section devoted to “Sustainability” issues and how reusable packagings figure into those goals. There is a section describing RIPA’s history, mission and goals. Also, sections are placed upfront to describe RIPA’s new Political Action Committee (RIPA PAC) and RIPA’s international affiliations such as the International Confederation of Container Reconditioners (ICCR). Finally, there is a section on joining RIPA including membership applications and a long list of benefits that flow from being a RIPA member.

Please take a moment to visit the website and see all there is to enjoy!


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