REWE Group Leverages Mojix for RTI Management

REWE Group, the third largest retail group in Europe, has expanded its Mojix STAR implementation to more than 15 REWE Distribution Centers in Germany, according to Mojix® Inc. Mojix provides REWE with the industry’s only wide-area passive radio frequency identification (RFID) reader infrastructure, allowing REWE to have ubiquitous real-time visibility on its returnable transport items (RTIs) into its supply chain.

“Where prior processes in the retail space required bar-code scanning of each single transport asset, Mojix provides ‘hands free RFID’ inventory management and location-based services. Our customers benefit from the large area coverage associated with expensive battery-operated active tags readers, but with the low-cost of passive tags.”

REWE initially integrated Mojix’s passive real time-location system (RTLS) to optimize their pool of returnable transport assets. Mojix’s STAR technology was deployed to track RTI movements—specifically frozen food containers—at distribution centers. The STAR system enables REWE to track each container individually and determine when and where every single RTI appears, significantly improving its overall management process.

Since the first pilot in 2009, REWE has increased its deployment of Mojix to include most of the REWE Market Distribution Centers.

“As one of the fastest growing retail groups in Europe, it is imperative for us to invest in a RFID system that provides us with real-time data along the entire supply chain for us to maximize efficiencies in the flow of RTI’s between our distribution centers and stores,” said Matthias Bär, manager of REWE’s Logistics Group. “The Mojix system provides us with deep visibility into which RTI’s are returning from the REWE stores to the distribution centers, allowing us to better manage this flow. Mojix also helps us minimize buffer storage, reduce purchase of new RTI’s and increase accountability of various parties within the supply chain for product loss.”

The Mojix STAR system is a wide area, passive RFID reader infrastructure, that’s empowering the industry by providing the benefits of active RFID functionality with passive RFID economics. Built on deep space communication technology, the STAR product family is designed to scale across enterprise-wide supply chain locations with significant impact on an organization’s operational efficiency and bottom-line profit and loss. The Mojix STAR system is the only system in the world capable of locating passive RFID sensors in large spaces (one STAR receiver can cover over 20,000 square meters, and read a RFID tag from 200 meters).

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