Reusables Roundup: Where’s My Pallet?

Here are some recent reusable-centric articles from around the Web:

Where’s My Pallet?

Supply and Demand Chain Executive recently published this article on pallet management. I really like the title, as well as some useful information from the Rehrig Pacific white paper and Kaley Parkinson’s comments. The relevance to some of the article left me scratching my head, particularly the Inside the Warehouse discussion which seemed more germaine to WMS and inventory control of the products on the pallets. I was left with a feeling we need more straightforward discussions about the basic steps of pallet control, supplemented by technology such as RFID, rather than RFID as the solution in of itself. Note to self.


Potahto, Potato 

Whether it is an A or a B, a #1 or a 2, or a combination of both, used pallet grades are open to interpretation. This month in Pallet Enterprise, I look at the confusing domain of recycled wood pallet grades and terminology. and explore if it is an issue with the spread of national pallet networks and national pallet service contracts.


The Role of RPCs in Preventing Food Waste and Providing Product Protection

Food waste is a very serious matter, and the deployment of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPC) helps support the reduction of food waste while focusing on environmental responsibility and produce protection. Read more at Fresh Plaza.


New Blue 

Chaille Brindley reports on CHEP’s new portfolio of services and products that focus on removing cost from the supply chain, including transportation saving, packaging design, sustainability and supplier diversity.


Trick is to constantly know where the pallets are

This article provides a brief overview of CHEP’s European pooling offer, including quotes from Stefan Apel, country general manager at CHEP Benelux.  Read more at Fresh Plaza.