Reusables Round up: EPAL Targets Improper Repairs, Loscam Wins Joint Award in China, Freight Glove Qualifies as Anti-Terrorism Technology

EPAL Signals Resolve to Protect the EPAL Brand within the UK and Ireland

According to a recent survey by Brepal, the organization regulating EPAL (European Pallet Association) activity in the UK and Ireland, up to one-third of used EPAL pallets being used fail to meet prescribed quality specifications.

“Businesses use EPAL pallets because they want to guarantee a pallet that conforms to our strict specifications governing the load bearing capacity, dimensions, design, materials used and construction,” explains Martin Leibrandt, chief executive of EPAL. “Only a small proportion of movements take place on new pallets, with the vast majority involving second-hand or repaired EPAL pallets, and the same rigorous standards are applied here.”

Leibrandt comments that pallet users who acquire a pallet bearing the EPAL trademark expect them to be the right size, to have an appropriate strength, load-bearing ability and durability, and to be in a good condition, so they know their goods will be transported effectively. He notes that  many used pallets will have been damaged and repaired at some time in their life. “The flow of unregulated repairs into the pool will reduce users’ confidence that they will always receive a pallet that is fit for purpose,” he adds.

Leibrandt states that EPAL has successfully pursued cases of non-conformance to its standards of repair in Europe courts, and that the association will do the same in the UK, if necessary, to protect the reputation of EPAL pallets and the businesses that rely on them. “We will be writing to the used pallet trade to explain our position as well as explaining the situation directly to our users,” he concludes.


Reusable Freight Glove Designated as ‘Qualified Atni-Terrorism Technology

Freight gloveSentina Corp’s Freight Glove has been awarded the designation of ‘Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology’ under the Department of Homeland Security’s Safety Act, according to an announcement.

Sentina Corp is focused on producing sustainable packaging that prevent unauthorized opening – while in the process, protecting shipments from water damage, theft, or presence of unwanted substances. The Freight Glove is described as a reusable one-piece covering, perfect for protecting high-value and sensitive shipments, fully encapsulating contents and offering an airtight, watertight, load-stabilizing, and secure environment that protects against both intentional and unintentional tampering.

“With the Freight Glove’s recently awarded designation as a ‘Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology’ by the Department of Homeland Security due to its superior protective features, and with companies such as Procter & Gamble and British Airways World Cargo having used Freight Gloves to protect their shipments, it is clear that the Freight Glove is on the leading edge of cargo security,” says Jeff Garfinkle, President of Sentina Corp. For more information visit


Loscam Wins Best FMCG SCM Solution Award in China

Pallet pooling solutions provider Loscam, in conjunction with YHD (Yihaodian), a leading e-commerce company in China, were jointly presented an award as ‘the Best FMCG SCM Solution’ at the 4Th China FMCG SCM Summit held in Tianjin China on April 17,  2014. The purpose of the honour was to acknowledge the successful implementation of palletized delivery between YHD and its suppliers, using Loscam’s pooled pallets.

At the summit, Mr. Scott Chi, the Senior Solutions Manager of Loscam, presented a speech titled “Successful Implementation of Palletised Delivery in FMCG Supply Chain.” He provided an introduction of how palletized delivery helps retailers (both traditional and e-commerce) to improve their supply chain efficiency and to trim logistics costs. The rewards of palletized delivery were further explored by Mr. Hart Guo, Logistics Director of YHD, who elaborated on YHD’s successful experience of utilizing palletized delivery to help optimize YHD operations.

This summit was organised through Logistics & Material Handling Magazine, one of the most influential publications in China’s logistics equipments and technologies sector.

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